The total soccer simulator

The new edition of Football Manager comes loaded with an infinite number of options , as usual, and some new features, not all of them equally positive.


The essential, in any case, remains almost intact: the possibility of managing a football team at almost all levels, with the complications, headaches, pleasures and disappointments that entails.

The main mode allows us to select our favorite team and become owners of their destination. To begin, we will be asked to configure the name and


appearance of the character that will alternate the office with the bench, all with a very simple and functional editor practically identical


to that of previous editions, deciding next the type of coach we want to be, choosing between some predefined options or manually selecting the distribution of skill points that suits us best.


Once we have outlined our avatar, we launch directly into the ocean of functions that govern the game, but always with the option of activating help bubbles that guide the novices and show the highlighted changes to the habitual players of the saga.

Football Manager 2017 (PC) screenshot

From the initial talk with the president of the club, we directly enter into functions. It is a good time to become aware of the enormity of


the game in all aspects: tasks to be performed as varied as motivating players, deciding on the contracts of all club employees (from youth coaches to scouts in every corner of the planet) , establish daily and specific training patterns, fight with the board for a restructuring of the budgets that adjust to the needs of the team … In the end,


elaborate tactics and plan matchesit is the most important and essential part, but it only supposes a small portion of our worries if we


pretend to be a full manager, which is why it is always good to review the distribution of functions in the organization chart of our club and check if there are tasks that we prefer to delegate in other employees.

Anyway, the mailbox of our email will be the basic menu of our departure, because through this tool we will be informed of practically everything important that happens in our club and, thanks to the usual hyperlink navigation system ,


We can access each issue that requires our attention in a single click from the message in question. On the contrary, it should be said that manual navigation is still very confusing and not intuitive, being able to have a good time looking for some information


about which we have not received any notice to the mail (without going any further, consult information about the status of some competitions can cost us a couple of detours at first).

Football Manager 2017 (PC) screenshot

But not only in a variety of options is this game enormous: the database of real football characters is really amazing .


That you receive the current president of any team present in the game is something to be taken into account, but that all those responsible for certain relevance (physical trainers, sports directors, subsidiary trainers, etc.) of teams that do not even participate


in the first division are represented with their names and surnames entails a documentation work more than remarkable.