Five unusual supports that esports players use in Dota 2 matchmaking

Support is a rather variable position in Dota 2. In matchmaking, especially at low ranks, everyone has probably met exotic heroes in this role. However, not only your teammates with the title of “Guardian” love to experiment, but also professional players. looked at who esportsmen are picking on the fourth and fifth positions in matchmaking in patch 7.28b, and singled out five of the most unexpected characters.




The magical Gyrocopter as a support in high-MMR matchmaking can be found from TANNER and CeMaTheSlayer. Both took him to fourth position. Gyrocopter has the highest winrate right now as a support, even if he does not appear in this role so often. CeMaTheSlayeR has played four matches in the last week – three of them ended in victory.

Gyrocopter stats on high MMR. Source:

CeMaTheSlayeR starts building on Gyrocopter with Boots of Speed, Urn of Shadows and Ring of Basilius. In the future, the boot is upgraded to Tranquil Boots or Guardian Greaves (if farming allows). However, the first serious item CeMaTheSlayeR takes is Veil of Discord, which significantly increases the hero’s magic damage. After the onset of the 20th minute, he tries to save up for Aghanim’s Shard, which enhances the character’s first skill. Next, CeMaTheSlayeR goes to Ethereal Blade – Solar Crest and Glimmer Cape can become alternatives to these items in its assembly.

CeMaTheSlayeR actively moves around the map from the first minutes. Under the runes of wealth, he takes a rocket, after which he has the first skill in priority. By the ninth level, his buildup looks like this: 4-4-0-1. Due to the abundance of magic damage at the first levels, CeMaTheSlayeR plays quite aggressively and constantly exchanges with the enemy support, and also goes to the ganks in the mid with a rocket, while simultaneously stacking forests for the first two positions. As a result, a rather dense “four” comes out of it with a lot of magic damage, constant stuns and slowdowns.

Statistics of one of the CeMaTheSlayeR games on Gyrocopter

Chaos knight

New teammate Dendi by B8 Esports Brazilian Heitor Duster Pereira turned out to be an experimenter. His most popular hero in matchmaking at the moment is Chaos Knight, in which he fought 22 fights – 14 of them ended in victory. Moreover, the cybersportsman often takes this character to the fifth position. With the first money, he buys consumables and two Iron Branches, after which he carries Clarity and Healing Salve for another seven minutes. Only by the tenth minute, Duster acquires a Ring of Basilius and a boot, which then upgrades to Tranquil Boots. And then the Brazilian goes to Drum of Endurance and Vladmir’s Offering.

Statistics for one of the Duster games

However, Duster also has an alternative build that is completely different from the first. A Brazilian can start by buying Power Treads and Magic Wand, and then go to Aghanim’s Scepter (in rare cases – to Meteor Hammer). However, it is noticeable that these are rather early developments of Pereira: in recent games, Duster refused to buy a scepter, since its assembly usually took up to 30 minutes. In addition, Aghanim’s Scepter for Chaos Knight is useful only at a certain peak, since with its help during the ultimate, the hero creates one illusion of each ally.

On the lane, Duster plays aggressively and constantly uses his abilities, exchanging with the enemy “three” and “four”. In this case, he acts as a front laner and takes all the damage of the opponent on himself. In pumping, Pereira gives priority to the stun, then pumps the second skill, and does not touch the passive ability until the eighth level. At the tenth and 15th levels, Duster pumps the left talent, and at the 20th – the right one. The Brazilian creates a fairly comfortable lane for his carry and at the same time, even with the minimum farm, remains the team’s shield, ending the map with the highest damage taken.

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