Five of the strangest sim games modernity


A striking example – sensational project «Goat Simulator» (aka “The simulator goat”), whose main character is possessed with a devil with cloven-hoofed wild-eyed and maniacal thirst for destruction. Without any exaggeration we can say that this game was the highlight of spring 2014, long settled on the top lines sales rankings in the Steam store, which, incidentally, pretty surprised by their own creators.

The simulator goat (goat) – hard answer brood simulators god (god)

After all, the original version of «Goat Simulator» was born as mezhdusoboynoy jokes and obviously not claim to be the counter-cultural masterpiece. However, recording gameplay, placed by the authors on YouTube, bombshell, overnight typing a few million views, followed by sensible Swedes from Coffee Stain Studios have realized that ridiculous game about a kid can shoot no worse than any serious blockbuster, and took decision to finish the job.

Создатели «Goat Simulator» умышленно презрели все каноны современного игростроения, в результате чего происходящее на экране оказалось доведено до абсолютного абсурда. В игре напрочь отсутствует какой-либо сюжет, многочисленные баги во взаимодействии с окружающим миром объявлены авторской находкой, а вместо милого и обаятельного главного героя нашим протагонистом является бестолковое жвачное животное с высунутым наружу языком. Не стали разработчики заморачиваться и с формулированием какой-либо конкретной цели, предоставив нам возможность самостоятельно выбрать себе занятие.

Fortunately, there really is on what to focus. For example, you can break up unauthorized rally, blow up the gas station, to become the ruler of darkness, or even fly into space. Generally, in the “Simulator goat” hidden unreal variety of “Easter eggs” and gags, searched, in fact, is the main plot of the game. And therefore talk about them in detail – so completely spoil the pleasure of passing.

To be fair, let «Goat Simulator» and is an outstanding comedy of the absurd, the game concept itself is not original. This idea has already been implemented in a series of GTA 4 modification to replace the model of the main character in the shape of some exotic animals like elephant or giraffe.


But here the authors «Surgeon Simulator» is very difficult to accuse borrowing. The gameplay of this game went so original that comes to mind is not a single sane comparison. According to the founders foresaw you prepared for the role of a surgeon. However, virtual doctor has only one limb, but this did not prevent him to treat their patients. But very specific way to manage – prevent, and even very much.

This does not allow even “House” 

Throughout the game in front of the camera lens hovering palm controlled by mouse and keyboard with five buttons, each responsible for a particular finger. Do not even doubt that before you learn how to hold a scalpel at least, you have to pass through the seven circles of hell. Clumsy hand every now and then will attempt to drop a work tool directly into the abdominal cavity of the patient’s unconscious, threatening the poor thing imminent death from blood loss.

Another serious obstacle to successful treatment – a complete lack of qualification of the attending physician. After all, in the game there is no training course and all the basics of surgery you will perceive directly on the operating table, the method of trial and error, sending to heaven one patient after another. Gradually, it turns out that it’s not so difficult for a heart transplant just enough to break the patient ribs, lungs and snatch stick donor organ in place worn out “motor of.” At the same time, return to the place of light does not necessarily – an operation already be deemed successful. So, the only thing you should worry – that the patient has not bled too soon.

Like the “simulator goat», «Surgeon Simulator» brim full of black humor and a wide variety of “easter eggs”. That there is only one mission with a change of the brain during a trip on the wild shaking ambulance or a job with the alien autopsy. At the same time, it should be noted that the game has quite a good physics engine and very nice graphics. Management, of course, brings a lot of trouble, but it is there and is the main highlight of the gameplay.


Another game in our list – «Viscera Cleanup Detail», which the authors have decided to tell the story of the modest space cleaner. No, do not expect that the main character, like Roger Wilco from «Space Quest», suddenly appears in the middle of exciting events and go save the galaxy from destruction. In this simulation you are not waiting for anything but banal routine to hook or floors and picking up garbage. In the end, should someone has to keep order.

Actually, it was in diligent sweep trace levels of recent shootings and is the main goal of the game. All locations are pretty filthy pieces of someone’s mangled entrails and abundantly strewn with spent cartridges. So grab a mop in hand and begin to carefully wash pools of blood, do not forget from time to time to change the water in the bucket. If the amount of work you think is too large, you will always be able to call on friends for help – the benefit that «Viscera Cleanup Detail» There NSA.

And then people ask – how in the cleaning lady so much hatred?

In general, of course, the game is clearly not enough diversity, so she has time to be bored to death in a mere half an hour of running around with a mop. Boring gameplay does not save any nice graphics or realistic physics objects. However, to get acquainted with «Viscera Cleanup Detail» still stands. Should you, after all, to find out where are constantly disappearing corpses of monsters you have in other games.


No less managed to surprise the creators of the game «Classroom Aquatic». This product – nothing else than the first full simulation in stories of cheating. Moreover, as the locale authors chose the seabed, sending the protagonist in the person submariner straight to the dolphin school. Unfortunately, this plot twist can not be explained, and therefore can only guess how our protagonist found himself in such a peculiar environment. Whether it is connected with hallucinations from lack of oxygen or submarine arrived on an exchange program?

As much as it In any case, the essence of the action is extremely simple. The teacher gives you a test consisting of 10 questions, each of which has 4 possible answers. Your task – to prevent the exam a single mistake. How you will achieve this has absolutely no value. Can deduct from their neighbors, you can put a tick at random. Also, no one forbids yourself to answer all questions – if there is a sufficient level of erudition, of course.

The main thing in the exam – writing a good neighbor

Which way would you choose, the main thing – not to annoy the teacher. If the teacher notices for attempting to cheat you, he will make a stern warning. Three such reprimand – and re-examination provided. So «Classroom Aquatic» certainly useful to many students as a tool for cheating with impunity.


And, of course, we could not include in our list of today’s game, “Stone Online». The release of this product marked the logical outcome of the development of the genre of alternative simulators and has become quite a significant event in the world of interactive entertainment. Like it or not, but a senseless game even hard to imagine. After all, the sole purpose of “Stone Online» is a complete standstill. That, however, quite rightly – what else can you expect from an ordinary stone?


Inexperienced players the first 10 minutes of gameplay constantly convulse, trying to make the on-screen at least some maneuver.

However, hopelessly proscholkav all keyboard keys, they are doomed to understand that the stone did not budge. Someone then completely disillusioned with the game and, spitting in disgust, which removes it from the hard drive of your computer. Well, someone appreciating the beauty of this concept, invite friends to join the multiplayer mode and selflessly staring at the monitor, learning Zen.

By the way, recently the author of “Stone Online» whether in jest, whether seriously announced the development on the basis of his creation full MMORPG about stones and even published on the occasion of the official trailer for the upcoming game. So we seem to not expect another masterpiece.