Five of the best games of Halloween


We start with the most open for all ages and tastes toys. In due time, you are likely to have been exposed to Luigi’s Mansion 2 pages ZOOM – in our top , dedicated to the most memorable development for Nintendo 3DS. However, when we considered the brainchild of Next Level Games and Nintendo in general – without focusing on the mystical component.

So, Luigi’s Mansion 2 (or Dark Moon, if you have an American console) – this is a great adventure with cowardly Luigi in the title role. Skinny brother Mario, in contrast to his heroic relative, she also deadhead. Tremor comes from every sound, gently mince small steps through the levels and now and then tries to open a private factory for the production of bricks.

However, it is unfortunate Luigi twice managed to get stuck in a haunted history. He would hide in a corner, begin to let snot yes whimper, but good, we manage the character, so – figushki. The passage is a sort of “Ghostbusters” adjusted for Nintendo fictional world: awfully nice with otherworldly creatures, essential vacuum behind them and hundreds of hilarious jokes. Authentic setting attached: ramshackle old age mansions shrouded in ominous fog fences and wade bones breeze – everything as it should.

Be sure to play in a quiet room or headphones – or miss the funny plumber podpevanie game soundtrack.

In good, the product is designed for a young audience, but as the practice – enjoy it and can thirties, bearded men, who grew up on Doom’ah and Fallout’ah. Nintendo has always been famous games for all ages and social groups – and Luigi’s Mansion 2 continued this (glorious, in our opinion) tradition. From myself advise pay off the house light singe candle wicks and sit the whole family around the set-top box – and you’ll be surprised how much can be a colorful Halloween for a mean child’s play for some kind of two-screen machines. All menus and subtitles, by the way, have been translated into a great and powerful, which also contributes to dive.

Alternative : Like it or not, and replace Luigi’s Mansion 2 in the state only its virtually unknown progenitor, which was released on the GameCube back in 2001. Another option – Grabbed by the Ghoulies Xbox from the first Rare studio (creators Donkey Kong Country and Conker). In short, it is easier to find on Luigi’s Mansion 2 shelves itself than to bother with this retro niche.

Where to buy : In the retail stores that sell video games. Or through the service Nintendo eShop – to do this, go to the link , turn off the, ahem, the light on the page and scan the QR-code with your Nintendo 3DS.


If misadventures deadhead Luigi is not a sin to recommend to everyone who does not shun pretty childish, the spin-off series inFamous – exclusively to adult. Even the title suggests – “Bloody Festival”.

Tell me, what could be better vile vampire faces, bursting into hundreds of small pieces? With gusto, with feeling, with deliberation. We know the answer: all of the above plus super powers! Exclusive to PlayStation franchise inFamous (or “inFamous,” if you will), as we know, is dedicated to ordinary people with extraordinary gifts. There’s someone in authority over the fire element, some of the ice, and the main protagonist – over electricity. But “Bloody Festival” on the branch and the series, not to obey the canon.

Thus, according to the story of Cole McGrath is bitten powerful vampire Bloody Mary – Lady of the dark forces, the mistress of bloodsuckers and, in general, that still toadstool. Bites, so Cole and turns into a full child of the night – with sharp tusks, photophobia and insane bloodlust. And everything is nothing, but the newly created Superman from the world of the undead have a few hours before dawn, before his soul once and for all be made available to Ms. Mary. Then the way back to human form, as you know, will not.

It seems we have forgotten how to look real vampire.

On a fun bike and built all the narrative Festival of Blood (it tells Zeke – each Cole – to glue girl in a provincial bar). And, praise the studio Sucker Punch, this is the story borrows the best moments from classic horror and, in particular, the iconic “From Dusk Till Dawn” Roberta Rodrigesa. Here you and the dark gothic atmosphere – shrouded in mist city, after all, runs the same “bladfest” in the title; and full-fledged vampires – filthy, slobbering, with mangled leathery noses; and, of course, adrenaline gameplay in an open world with the ability to transform into a bat and bled civilians.

What is curious: in spite of the spin-off status and robust design oppressive mood, played Festival of Blood on the orders of fun nekstgenovskoy Second Son. And it is suitable for daring hellouinovskogo evening you probably already guessed.

Alternative : Technically, it is not. Brutal vampires steeped in evil and festival town of New Marais (aka New Orleans), eerily charming villain – nothing like the gaming industry today can offer. At least, in that both treshovy and big-budget performance.

Where to buy : In service PlayStation Store – for this, simply go to the link . The disks project never came out, only in the “figure”.


Among the readers there are certainly those who have personally found the time “Dandy” and “Shogi”, and if not ZX Spectrum. So, ladies and gentlemen, why not take a trip in time? Not in the literal sense, but in the virtual – at least one festive night. With this you will help the immortal works of the Japanese Capcom.

Ghosts’ n Goblins – is as hell hardcore dimensional action mid-80s, which must be torn through hordes skeletons, demons and other muck to the finish. More precisely, to a beautiful princess. But first, you will find the inevitable fiasco: in order to save the same beautiful sinevlasuyu have to overpower the gaming hell twice – say, initially at Sir Arthur’s (the protagonist) happened not clouding of reason, not the other bad luck, and all the way he went for nothing. And here again – yes – already there is a chance of success and winning Game Over.

Well, who on earth is this scare? And earlier because hoo, they were afraid!

Although, “chance” – the word is too loud for the situation. The difficulty Ghost ‘n Goblins is so high that other Dark Souls begins to seem serene walk in the park. Do not save even upgrades the armor and weapons (and this recall in 1985!). equipment improvement here – like the dead poultices, only create an appearance of strength and power, but hardly really help in the battle.

For All Saints’ Day game is suitable in the first place, the presence of monsters of all kinds and types, from the already mentioned skeletons, to the Cyclopes, ghouls and vampires. The second – the locations mysterious cemetery, confused climbing damp catacombs and outgoing dungeon did not harm any more horror story. And let today as the horror film Ghost ‘n Goblins looks ridiculous, even 25 years ago, the children naturally zazhmurivalis and hid under the covers with a local bestiary. Steeper was only Castlevania, but about it – at the end of the material.

Alternative : Fans of retro real holiday (other than Halloween) – Ghost ‘n Goblins has long become a fairly extensive series whose releases come for the NES, SNES, Game Boy, and even PSP. Especially noteworthy magnificent remake Ultimate Ghosts’ n Goblins just for the first portable console by Sony.

Where to buy : Games lot, they went on a pile of platforms, so the lack of options. The optimal course – look on Ebay and bought all the original for the NES. Thus, about which we spoke above. But if you fail, you can buy a remake for the PSP or two three-dimensional sequel to the PS2 –  the first and the second . They are all good and canonical, but old school grandparent naturally cooler.


For any experienced gamer figure Shinji Mikami needs no introduction and additional praises. Touched by the mind (only in a positive way) Japanese director and designer is not just shine in the game add: that of the original Resident Evil lights, the fourth part of a revolutionary, then kitschy Shadows of the Damned. Talent he clearly does not hold, absolutely, as the author’s vision of a madman – and the recent The Evil Within that is the best proof.

Mikami only able to work in one concise combine pus oozing from everywhere and intestines, half-witted mutated rednecks, Hollywood director and a third suite Ioganna Sebastyana Bach. So much so that all jaws pootvisali. Critics, however, is ambiguous appreciated the game scenario, characters, characters and excessive quoting of past developments horror maestro – but overall the project reacted positively and favorably.

But we still are not so much the opinion of Western colleagues and the general appearance of The Evil Within, how much horror and tension, of which there are – car and small truck. Here you sneaking through the maze of a psychiatric hospital, where invisible zombies (naturally invisible, not translucent) are found. The only way to notice them – to track the slightest movement arranged around wheelchairs and droppers on wheels, which run across enemies.

That’s their way through the deserted village, completely covered with darkness and corpses. That is trying to save his partner from the obvious trap until you wave after wave rod mad people tore to shreds persons. A release something special and not – either forward or litsezrite imminent startup screen.

We do not advise a man of nowhere – sometimes more convenient from the enemy to escape.

Despite the abundance of action, The Evil Within envelops the player wraps and entangles it creates a feeling of despair and hopelessness. Cartridges constantly lacking, the enemies are able to bypass the protagonist from the flank and dodge a straight shot, but about the bosses and remember once again do not want to – giants and overgrown fish from Resident Evil 4 seem good old friends in their background.

Now imagine how relevant and timely will dedicate The Evil Within hellouinovskuyu night. The moon outside the window, the roar of the autumn wind is spread throughout the apartment, as you frantically presses all the buttons in a row – just to get away from grabbing another fanged ugly mug. If you can entice a soul mate on this trip the Japanese follies – be sure she (or he) do not exactly forget.

Alternatives : If The Evil Within until languishing on a shelf or in a personal library of Steam, not tushuyte and refer to the classics – in Resident Evil 4. Mr. Mikami shamelessly drew inspiration from his same old project and in many ways it was copying: how gameplay, and on setting. Another option – Dead Space (all except the third), but there the process is not as intense and mystical much smaller, and it is really important for Halloween.

Where to buy : In the retail stores that sell video games. As well as in Steam , on Xbox Live for Xbox 360 and Xbox the One , the PlayStation Store for PS3 and the PS4 .


We got to nail the program – binding and without fail every item text on Halloween – Her Majesty and eminence Castlevania. This multi-year franchise really write a term paper, or even an entire thesis – research we have laid untilled virgin soil of quotations, references, and notes of philosophical Exemplary game design “old school”. Therefore – and briefly about the main thing.

The basis of any the Castlevania – though the sample in 1986, although very fresh Lords of Shadow 2  – in the destruction of many faces of evil.

Canonicity vampires (including the very Dracula), Frankenstein’s monster, mummies, werewolves, water, ghosts, succubi, demons, and even the Mrs. Death (referring to the physical its embodiment) – estiary such that the eyes diverge, but the heart of a fan of horror for the fear jumps out of his chest.

And because everyone who comes from hell, not only their own strengths and weaknesses that should be remembered and taken into account in the battle, but his description of the same, and a mini-biography.

Meanwhile, Castlevania – is not only a genocide monsters on an industrial scale, but also thousands of jumps across the gap, jumps on the platforms, and the eternal struggle with gravity.

Early cycle issues were linear shooter – Know yourself, stamp forward, smashing everything in the way but try not to die every couple of minutes. With the release of the magnificent Symphony of the Night, we got a huge castle maze, intricate passing and surprisingly deep leveling system and equipment.

And then the creators of the series, led by Koji Igarashi stood still – the authors systematically polished mechanics “Symphony”, in the end, bringing it up to the unattainable, it would seem ideal. And, indeed, Order of Ecclesia for the Nintendo DS, like, put a fat point in the issue of two-dimensional Castlevania – now quite logically, not to do.

Firm and tone Castlevania handwriting with nothing can not be confused.

But all this retrospective – so, for the sake of reference and a common understanding. Much more important is that the show has to offer here and now.

Maybe it much. Nowhere else will you find such a concentrated gothic atmosphere to every sprite on the screen literally shouting on a gloomy mood of what is happening. Studded with tombstones and burial cemeteries, once stately, now crumbling castles, impassable jungle forests, parched fields and godforsaken desert only complement an unforgettable picture. Next – the better.

Games something pretty hardcore and not for everyone, but if you will experience the amazing magic and charm of Castlevania, if love her exaggerated theatrical performance, if you start to delve into the essence and understand the intricacies of the universe – it will reward you at exorbitant prices.


Alternatives : You do not need them at all – take any chapter of a series of colorful and amazing night you provided. For this purpose, suitable for both classic Symphony of the Night, and releases for Game Boy Advance or Nintendo DS. For not sparing the stomach oldskulschikov there is always the old trilogy for the NES, and for newcomers fans, who do not care for retro – brutal Lords of Shadow.

Where to buy : the cult trilogy for the NES, not without difficulty, but still will be found on Ebay and other online flea markets. If you do not want to bother – much easier to apply to the digital service. There you will find the Symphony of the Night , the first Lords of Shadow , and the second  – on the PC, the Xbox 360  and the PS3 . The PlayStation Store is now, by the way, public action – really save on the purchase of up to 1,000 rubles.