FIVE: Guardians of David

David and Goliath

Indeed, the plot FIVE: Guardians of David taken from the Bible, but it sounds more boring than playing. The story of how David went from being a shepherd to the king of Israel and Judah, turned out to be much more interesting than most of the formulaic scripts about the salvation of the world and the search for another very powerful artifact.

After the legendary victory over the giant Goliafom David, who had served at the court of King Saul, had time to stay and a hero, and a fugitive, whose Saul repeatedly tried to kill. He was hiding, desertion to the enemy yesterday, robbing civilians in foreign lands, to pay the wages of his adopted Philistines. And then he took the city, united nations and kingdoms. In general, a complete set for a major Hollywood dramas in historical scenery.

The game is all served very smartly and in a modern way. The action switches between the different characters, and is accompanied by entertaining comics.

Here nephews David rescues his sister from the jaws of a furious lion, that we fight with Goliath, but David already secretly saving, storming and defend the city, as a fragile girl secretly kradomsya past the patrols. Or even ignite pigs (more precisely, they are oil), and shall transmit the grunt bomb on enemies …

At the same time by David, we manage very rare – for example, during the battle with Goliath. All the rest of the time under our control, as a rule, are relatives and followers of the legendary biblical hero – up to five at a time.

Of course, with rare exceptions, the job as a whole primitive: to kill some big shot, to protect the three towers, sleeping six tents … The side quests are rare and equally predictable: find her missing husband, daughter, save, seek out three scrolls. But, firstly, it’s all quite in the tradition of the genre, and the authors, again, rely on history itself, rather than on the individual job.

FIVE: Guardians of David Game Review

Sometimes the game is reminiscent of the interactive comic book.

Useful skills

Game mechanics FIVE: Guardians of David as a whole is simple and straightforward, but, as they say, not without highlights.

We fight, we win big and small “bosses”, kopim experience, pick up some gold and multi-colored (normal, legendary, rare or epic) equipment, are looking for their hidden chests, smash to pieces boxes and barrels, periodically visit the dealers and get new levels.

All in all, as usual – except that our control is just five characters. Each of them has three main characteristics (relatively speaking, strength, agility and endurance), as well as lots of unique abilities – that’s around them, and twisted the main nerve of the gameplay.

Five heroes – it’s actually five classes: archer, warrior with sword and shield, spear, two-handed weapon master of ownership and “magician” (albeit very specific).

Accordingly, each with its own set of favorite techniques and ways to injure his neighbor. Archer can launch an avalanche of arrows at enemies;

Spearman periodically uses weapons like six and whitefish enemies behind; the mighty warrior with a two-handed sword loves to spin in a bloody whirlwind, carrying all around; his colleague stun or knocks all down his shield. A local analogue of the magician is able to not only build a wall of fire, but also to poison opponents, throw stones at them, and even beehives.

FIVE: Guardians of David Game Review

In the later stages it is possible to return to the already completed locations to accomplish the same mission and “pump up”.

Skill mass. Four of them are assigned to “hot keys”, there is still a common and additional attacks that, in fact, amount to the same “pump” abilities.

You determine the current set of fighting techniques, and even then, what will be the main attack, for example, the Lancer – quick strokes, or throwing weapons opponents. New levels allow you to open more powerful skills, but also give points for the development of existing ones. But the basic characteristics of the “pump” outfit that gives certain bonuses.

Special signs

All this allows you to alternate between one mission different fighting styles. Especially the authors love to stir up unpleasant surprises. Play, for example, you still reference archer, having thoroughly studied his skills and tactics, and in the end, to fight one on one with the “boss”, you are forced to stand for “magician”, to which you did not used to. Thus, the “sit” with one character will not work – you have to often switch between different characters.

Other features FIVE: Guardians of Davidmention the opportunity to receive the blessing of the different special friends (they act on the entire squad), use special stones Wonderland, brings down on the enemy forces of different elements of David, and even to make a donation. The more recent, the closer the moment when the reward you get some nice extras like additional cell in the inventory.