Fire, walk with me – review by Dash Quest Heroes

The “hero awakening” is a topical moment for any classic RPG, and Dash Quest Heroes is no exception. At the debut on the App Store and Google Play exactly two years after the release of the first episode , Tiny Titan Studios’ new effort puts us in command of a character who suddenly finds himself in the role of the predestined, a warrior whose ability will enable him to free the world from the oppression of orcs, trolls, and demonic creatures.

Fire, walk with me - the review by Dash Quest Heroes

Accompanied in our journey by a mysterious creature similar to a fatuous fire, we will have to try again with the original tuning mechanics for the series, which mix the typical roleplaying elements and roguelike with an endless runner-style gameplay.Each new excursion is in fact characterized by a perpetual vertical scroll, albeit at a constant speed, during which the hero will be attacked by a horde of enemies that will become more and more numerous and tough, determining the inevitable game over at the moment when our vital energy will be exhausted.


To make this happen as late as possible we will have to touch the touch screen on the left side to raise the shield and intercept, timing permitting, the shots of our opponents and touch it on the right side to bring forth slashes with the sword. Between a duel and the other we will also be asked to avoid traps, collect coins and possibly select alternative routes to discover new secrets and face unprecedented threats.



The gameplay of Dash Quest Heroes certainly arouses perplexities, especially at the beginning: one has the feeling that the mix of genres developed by Tiny Titan Studios is a bit ‘forced, that the endless nature of the experience is not compatible with the exploratory ambitions that are proposed during the missions and the same combat system appears not very precise.

Fire, walk with me - the review by Dash Quest Heroes

It is enough to be dragged into a couple of adventures to understand the value of this production, which can certainly become repetitive in the repetition of the same landscapes, but that encourages to continue thanks to the many objects that can be unlocked along the way, to new weapons and armor to be equipped to make the character stronger and more resistant, to the possibility of enhancing its characteristics and special moves.


Unlike the first episode, this time the freemium model adopted by the developers is permissive and allows you to play for free without problems, using the precious currency where it is deemed necessary to continue after a game over and save the position at specific points on the map; operations that, however, can also be done by watching short advertising trailers, however non-invasive.


Between one attempt and the other we can also visit some shops to get more extras, possibly to produce high-level objects and check the list of achievements to collect the prizes related to the goals already achieved, without having to submit to expedients such as energy action. During our progression we did not feel limited, in short, and indeed we received abundant gems to feed our desire to run fast, taking advantage of an interface substantially improved from the stylistic point of view