Final Fantasy XV

Change of director – the most important thing that happened with the project. Nomura has left behind the concept of “fantasy, which is based on reality,” a large open world, and the basis for the character. The plot, its filing and disclosure of the characters gradually completed already Tabata .

Since Final Fantasy XV was the story about four friends and the ascension to the throne. Sunrise will Noktis prince, heir to the state Lucis, the only one who controls the player.

His fellow – Gladiolus, Ignis and Promptov – a kind of bodyguards, their first goal – to help the prince get to the island city Altissiya where he should marry a childhood friend Lunafreye.

On the way comrades know that the capital of the Lucis – insomnia attacked Empire Niflheim, the father seems to be killed. History quickly painted in dark tones.

And gradually it becomes darker and darker. The plot is tragic, but the tragedy is not passed on this side of the screen. Scenario Final Fantasy XV is created does not seem to outsiders. You will find yourself in the middle of the action almost immediately – and no one will explain in detail what’s what.

On the one hand, it is true – it would be strange if the Prince, the main character, led by the handle. On the other – the plot does not create a coherent picture.

Inserted patch of the first day of the video Kingsglaive film does not help even a little confusing, since it is not very similar in style to those videos that are made on the engine.

Added to this illogical some action heroes and the supply of jobs in the style of “Bring-Bring”. These quests, our quartet performs for everybody – mechanics and journalists, jewelers and children.

Moreover, in the second half light confusion replaced unexpected plot twists literally in each chapter. And turns the sometimes crazy and unwarranted.

Without going into spoilers, I will say that the favorite appointment of Mr. Tabata– to kill someone, preferably behind the scenes. And when friends get to Altissii, you simply “disconnect” from the open world, allowing to return there only in the memories Noktisa. It turns silly: the plot – a separate, open world – separately.

Bit saves the day our “boy band”. Characters guys worked, they look real old friends and develop in the course of the scenario. Do you understand why the company is not a single girl. I do not want to disclose what happens with each of the quartet, but not only Noktis will be in a difficult situation – all go through certain tests.

Girls also appear on the screen …


“What are the kings?”

Game journey simply must attract the beautiful world. And here in front of Square Enix was a difficult task: Japanese RPG conventions have always been – so much so that they became part of the genre.

And then waving swords three-meter, and flying ships are a couple of kilometers from the prehistoric villages and the monsters at every turn does not hinder the development of technology.

It is perceived normally, when the characters are composed of colored squares, lack noses and wearing funny hoodies. But when in front of you, “a fantasy based on reality,” it is necessary to explain and bring closer all to the real world. Here Tabata and his team have tried, but have not coped with everything.

That is connected with things global, thoughtful and logical. Wild animals live away from people, and find them difficult day. Outside the fortified walls of insomnia towns are small and rare.

Day gradually gives way to night, on the road out huge demons Ignis refuses to get behind the wheel. On the continent, there is no abrupt transition from desert to jungle, though impassable mountains much.

Dungeons very good written in the terrain. Especially nice to delve into some woods and discover the ruins of a strong opponent and artifact in depth.