Final Fantasy XIV Online – Stormblood

Few role-playing adventures excite so much, they involve you in their story as sincerely as this video game, which in Stormblood reaches new heights of mastery. The excuse is a great revolution, the rise of the oppressed people against the Garleano empire, but the greatness of this work lies in the cruelty, the realism with which it portrays the conflict. There are ep


ic, heroes, great victories … but also suffering, tragedy and people who feel real, who act, perhaps, as we would do in those same circumstances. And it’s great! Because you even get to understand those who prefer to support the enemy side, accept tyranny, instead of joining those who seek freedom. In war not everything is white or black, good or bad, and this is something that the team led by Naoki Yoshida reflects with a narrative pulse worthy of praise.


You start your trip and you can not stop! until reaching the end of a story that is exciting, extraordinary at a level out of the ordinary, with scenes difficult to forget that go straight to the heart. I do not exaggerate. I still feel chills to remember some of the great moments of this video game that little or nothing has to envy the great episodes of the franchise.


It has made me scream with joy, triumphing in difficult battles, but it has also left me on the verge of tears when plans are truncated, bad ones overcome, and all those for whom they struggle suffer the consequences. It’s fascinating, really amazing, h


ow Square Enix gets you into the action, feeling the sorrows of the protagonists as your own. Almost sinking you into misery … even when that halo of optimism and hope with which you, and yours, embarks to war never disappears .


The hour of the brave

War is a tragedy in itself. Only brings misfortunes for nobles that are the reasons that lead to start them, and Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood takes pure gold from this situation portraying with great cruelty the misery caused by the war. With a style reminiscent of t

he great The Witcher 3, this MMO takes us to know the worst side of war and tyranny, relying on a group of characters who feel like humans, who have a soul, by their way of reacting to this chaos. It’s so real, so sincere, that you really get involved in the fight.
This also helps the good design of the main missions, which are epic and spectacular. Not at all original, it’s also true, but so good is the narrative and staging, that it’s hard not to get excited with them and, especially, with the final battles!


Final Fantasy XIV - Stormblood analysis

Diving is one of Stormblood’s new options, but it is totally untapped. There are no underwater battles or much to do underwater.

I’m not only talking about the fight against the Primals , which are amazing, but especially the fights against the bosses that await in the dungeons located in Ala Mhigo , the new region that we can explore in this expansion. What chaos, what madness, but what fun! Each battle feels unique, special, because enemies never stop surprising with new p


atterns of attack and defense that change everything. There are trepidantes battles, of those that leave breathless, and others that require of greater precision, of an extreme coordination on the part of the players, who will have to deal with dangers out of the commo


n. Multicolored explosions, monsters that occupy the whole screen, unforeseen attacks, deadly traps … if already Heavensward it made us vibrate with emotion with its action, the new expansion of FFXIV takes a step forward with even more memorable battles.


Final Fantasy XIV - Stormblood PC

Stormblood portrays with great cruelty the miseries caused by the war

The new dungeons are also a good example of the enormous creative talent behind the Stormblood team, because even when they are too linear, they offer an exquisite design both visually and in the purely playable. All are fun to play and in all you fin

d small details that make you want them even more. The same could be said of the main missions, which are followed with great interest. Too bad Square Enix has neglected the secondary tasks , usually quite anodyne. They are typical of going from one side to another chatting with characters, eliminating enemies or collecting objects, with the penalty that even in the plot are remarkable.


Final Fantasy XIV - Stormblood

You can pay to get two special volumes that allow you to skip the story until you reach Ala Mhigo, and upload a character at level 60.

If we talk about the news the new expansion of Final Fantasy XIV gives us the opportunity to explore the depths of the sea but, unfort


unately, this is an option that does not take advantage in the least. You will dive for resources … and that’s it, because there is no submarine combat or anything especially worthy of mention. The new professions? Here Square Enix does measure up with two new archetypes that are a true past. On the one hand we have the Red Wizar


d , with his ability to combine ranged attacks with hand-to-hand combat while supporting the allies, and then there’s the Samurai, which is a killing machine in close combat. Both options also offer very different fighting styles, forcing us to meet certain requirements to get the most out of them. The Red Wizards, for example, have to maintain the balance between black and white mana to use their best spells.


Final Fantasy XIV - Stormblood PC

Each battle feels unique, special, because enemies never stop surprising

The rest of archetypes also receive important novelties, with drastic changes that almost force to return to train with these warriors to make the most of all their potential. It is not enough just to choose special skills and endure waiting times; you have to combine attacks, use the dodges, the blockades, to survive the hard battles that await you in this epic adventure.

Is the competitive fight going better? The PvP of Final Fantasy XIV bet for an exclusive skill bar, so that players have at their disposal the combat movements specially designed for this facet of the game. It is a great change, which makes these duels more exciting, although at this time there are some imbalances between some character classes and others.