Final Fantasy IX

In itself, Final Fantasy IX is a very traditional Japanese role-playing game. They control four characters at a time and makes them explore environments and battle monsters. These need to be addressed according to a flexible shift system, that ‘ Active Time Battle familiar to any fan.
To take action, wait until the bar next to the name of the character is filled; once the command is executed, the bar empties. A mechanism has always been typical of Final Fantasy , that forces you to be tactical and especially to remain constantly focused on the battle. Well planted and deliberately nostalgic, the game system is different giving unique abilities of each character.
In addition to various, FFIX also used as the self-quotation, recalling the first “generation” of Nintendo and Super Nintendo. It is therefore a basic structure, which tucks in its fictional setting numerous mini-games and secondary activities.
The quality of the latter confirms its ups and downs: the section with the Chocobo nothing short of addictive alternates a card game too abstruse and random. As none of these activities compromise the enjoyment of the plot, past and keeps all the limitations which “PS1 game.”
To give even more prominence to the pure narrative, the now familiar were added boost . Activated from the menu, allow you to enhance the characters, add money or cancel random encounters. While no veteran will dare to turn them on the other hand are clearly present to save the neophytes both the grinding that game over too. All things that are absolutely relevant, as always this Final Fantasy has never had big spikes in difficulty. Discouragement even more the fact that activate inhibits the release of trophies.
Even from the point of the game it is graphically consistent with what had already been on PlayStation, proposing polygonal characters on pre-rendered scenes. Abandoned as a “deformed” the seventh chapter as the ” human ‘of the eighth, the title offers a multiethnic society where humans coexist with anthropomorphic animals. A world that comes to life thanks to the vitality of environments populated by numerous NPC.
Harmony is obtained and a subtle use of colors, aimed at giving a touch of solidity that transcend the “straight lines” of magical fiction. All qualities which remain absolutely unchanged in this new edition. Optimization for newer cars have then turn restricted the waiting time, and creative translation in Italian is always a pleasure to read.
An animated painted screen
Like any other Final Fantasy nineties, the plot of this work should first be lived pad in hand. So here we only summarize the premises. A company of theater actors went into the kingdom of Alexandria for a performance. But it’s just a cover: are actually the notorious gang Tantarus, charged with kidnap Princess Garnet.
The mission is up to Zidane, blond young man from monkey tail with womanizing ways. Against all odds, the young do you take away of his own accord: for some time his mother Queen began to harbor dreams of conquest to neighboring kingdoms and she wants to find out why. Bandit and Princess are now joined by six other characters, introduced with a still rare today naturalness.
But the war of expansion waged by Alexandria is only the impetus for what will be a great adventure. After a first quarter of a fragmented history in which one lives between scattered groups on the continent, the plot takes organic and all the pieces fall into place. It is not clear why the alternation: let us know the characters, their past and their motivations. In short, let us into their world. A world that, although fictional, is built with meticulous care, lush.
Final Fantasy IXIt is an oil painting, a watercolor that moves and comes to life in his pre-rendered scenes. An atmosphere warm and gentle, and fairy-tale medieval, where they are precisely consistency and inventiveness to dominate.
A narrative that passes with disconcerting naturalness from comedy to joke, then upset with the tragedy and exalt with the Epic. Shades that focus primarily on the characters. Steiner is an honest knight destroyed by betrayal, Gidan an orphan who longs for his past; Vivi shudders when he discovers that his nature could be artificial.
Primary, secondary, antagonists: no one is left behind. Just a few minutes to find out in a tormented Beatrix antieroina, exploited by the kingdom for which he has sacrificed so much. O reevaluate Brahne like a queen buries concerns a magnificent arrogance. Aided by the beautiful elegant and nostalgic soundtrack, Zidane and Garnet adventure never stops to catch, each time as if it were the first.