Final Chapter

The menu brought to the table by the talented boys of Mark Lamia is the usual one, that is four multiplayer maps and the new Zombies, Revelations, which closes the story of Richtofen, Dempsey, Takeo and Nikolai. Everything as manual, therefore, and at the usual price. We try to understand if these extra contents are worth our € 14.99

Salvation is the latest Call of Duty DLC: Black Ops III. A goodbye in style!


With Rupture, let’s go back to 2008, as we are facing a futuristic sauce remake of the Outskirts map. The original setting was that of a semi-destroyed German town, but now we are inside a generously sized compound made of modern structures and old warehouses.


A very not very memorable location: the map is not flat, you can enter the buildings, there are small squares and barriers where to shelter, but the feeling of urban combat is certainly not exciting. To try to make everything more electrifying there are mechs to drive. Unfortunately they are slow and not very effective: not really an unforgettable plus.

Final Chapter

Call of duty black ops iii pc has accustomed us for years to bizarre settings, but this time Treyarch has undoubtedly exaggerated, but he did it very well.Do you remember Micromachines? Do you remember how good it was to run in the “minuscule” cloths of cars on home tracks, dodging objects of common use?


Here are the sensations are the same as we find ourselves fighting on a picnic table, cluttered with hamburgers, glasses, fries, hotdogs and donuts. A beautiful map, obviously colorful and very hectic, with the classic three-lane design, intricate the right and perfect to whip all the extra possibilities of movement. With Citadel we remain on the subject of settings that have little to do with modern, advanced or future war.

Call of duty black ops 3 zombies maps


The cursed forest full of spooky trees and the castle with its “dark” corridors, the gloomy and gloomy salons seem to bring us into the Dark Souls area.Call duty black ops games and Dark Souls are certainly polite games, but they share a very low life expectancy … Just put your foot in the castle, where blind spots and sudden openings are the perfect places for ambushes and close combat.


But there are also caves, towers, waterfalls and long tunnels. Without doubt it is the best map of the package, not only for its design, but also from a purely technical point of view, with a beautiful lighting system to “color” the interior.

Final Chapter

Instead, Outlaw takes us to the Old West, taking Call of Duty: Black Ops II as the starting point. Another remake, in short, but if Rupture was eight years old, here are only four. As a result you lose a lot in freshness, even if to tell the truth the map was good before and is good even now. A level of average size, one hundred percent urban combat, where it is possible to enter any building.


Here is what is written for Citadel: Treyarch has really done a good job visually, both in terms of technology, with clean textures and good lighting, both in terms of “staging”, with rich environments and perfectly consistent with the setting. Nothing is lacking in this country under construction. There is the saloon, there is the train, there are the caravans. Really a nice map, And then there is the final chapter of the Zombies campaign, Revelations. 


We are in a country cottage, together with the good Malcolm McDowell, only instead of the placid English moor, we find ourselves at the edge of the universe , at the mercy of titanic entities taken by weight from the Chtulu cycle, among cursed temples, prisons, portals they transport us to past battlefields and disintegrating planets.


All lit up in the manner of beautiful Italian film genre of yesteryear. Those who love Madness Mario Bava will therefore appreciate Treyarch’s work. We are facing the best of the best of this mode: Revelations is huge, complex, intricate, full of things to build and of course easter egg.