They run very bad times for those who continue to be stubborn in the hobby “any time past was better” when it comes to video games. Even for those who like to give themselves exclusively to the most classic proposals, since


we are witnessing these months the return of some of the genres that dragged the masses in the past with formulas that broaden and perfect them . Nothing essentially new at the front, since the sale of nostalgia will never leave us at all, but the great thing is that it is no longer a matter of review to cover the file . We are witnessing, more and

The Invisible Hours


more frequently, proposals that delve into some of the great icons of the past, rethought by the talent of an independent scene that does not stop putting on the market videogames that feel old and new at the same time. After the refine


d master class of Shoot em Up design with which Super Hydorah seduced us a little while ago, it is now a much less frequent genre but more yearned for it: the Beat em Up of the school of Final Fight or Street of Rage, gender of which Fight N Rage (yes, it is clear where the title comes from) could well be the heir we expected.

No one was able, for years, to discuss the leadership of street fights with Capcom against the neighborhood . Many tried, but the succession of masterpieces of Megaman’s company was simply too good.Final Fight, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs or th


e somewhat unknown brutality of Alien Vs Predator were always on another level with respect to what the competition was doing, even if companies like Konami held the stake more than worthily, or specific successes such as the Video System w

Juanito Arcade Mayhem


ith Karate Blazers. The issue is that the genre fell into disuse, dispersed in other trends that we all know, but its influence has always been there, waiting for heirs to match. The throne that these great names of Capcom occupy in the most vivid memori


es of many fans makes retro players still cry their absence, despite more or less frequent attempts like the fantastic Castle Cras


hers, the ambitious Dragon’s Crown or the more recent Viking Squad and Mother Russia Bleeds.We are in luck, since one of these designers with superpowers, capable of making a video game on their own, has


surpassed them all in what really counts: gameplay and fun. Sebastián García, Uruguayan for more signs, is the new king of Beat em Up .

Fight N Rage adheres to the tradition of the best Capcom to the point of starting with the same screen that appeared in their recreations


when connecting them. If there is something good that should be highlighted from those games is that they were refining the formu


la from the Final Fight that began the rehearsal, so Fight N Rage picks it up already fully developed with its characters that can run, hit in the race, attack with weapons and , of course, replenish the st


rength of roast chickens hidden in garbage cans. That’s how things were then, and Fight N Rage strives to recover them with care, reviewing the idea of ​​introducing us to three characters that are controlled in a similar way, even though their pec


uliarities make them very different when playing them. Everything sounds familiar and, in fact, there are many similari


ties between protagonists and enemies and those of a handful of old video games. Nobody should worry about the solvency of the final result,


since a new element completely takes over the playable aspect . Something new that will end up getting the player to come to question if he is facing a Capcom game that did not reach his favorite salon mid-nineties, which is a major achievement that must be discovered.