Fighting schoolgirl – cosplay on D.Va from Overwatch

Stanislava Kawaiitsu Anushkina published a cosplay photo shoot in the image of D.Va from Overwatch. The girl took the Academy skin, released in honor of the anniversary of the game, as the basis of the costume.

Photosession held in the library them. N.V. Gogol in St. Petersburg. Previously, the girl has already cosplayed this character in other images. You can watch D.Va on the beach here, and follow the link with the heroine to the amusement park.

Despite the fragile girl figure, D.Va in Overwatch acts as a tank. She controls the fur, which protects her from blows. When a combat robot is damaged, the character can catapult from it and cause damage to enemies.

Cosplay at Academy D.Va. Cosplayer: Stanislav Anushkin. Photographer: Elizaveta Mosienko. Source:
  • Cosplayer: Stanislava Anushkina.
  • Photographer: Elizaveta Mosienko.