Few people noticed: The Punisher was present in “Spider-Man 2”

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At the moment, Spider-Man fans are waiting with great interest for the third film to appear, as it will feature on the same screen iconic performers of the role of a friendly neighbor of different years in the person Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and villains performed by actors Alfred Molina, Jamie Foxx and others.

Curious, but it looks like the Marvel multiverse could have started in the second “Spider-Man” Sam Raimi, and the connecting bridge could be the Punisher, which Peter Parker has repeatedly encountered on the pages of the comics.

The film “The Punisher” with Thomas Jane and John Travolta was released in 2004 – in the same year with “Spider-Man 2”, and few people noticed, but in the picture Sam Raimi there was a cameo of a brutal antihero.

The most attentive viewers could see him at the end of the film – in the scene where Mary Jane performed Kirsten Dunst runs through the park. A man turns at her in the background, who is the Punisher himself in the flesh. He was portrayed by Thomas Jane’s stunt double in the episode.

This moment is at the mark 1:34 (WARNING! VIDEO SHOWS THE END OF THE FILM!)

According to unofficial information, this episodic appearance was a way to introduce the Punisher into the Spider-Man universe, in order to then present the characters in one project, but this did not happen.

In 2008, the third and final movie about Spider-Man from director Sam Raimi saw the light of day, and the Punisher got a new movie with the subtitle “War territory“, in which the title role has already been played Ray Stevenson… As a result, fan hopes of a crossover of two iconic Marvel characters have sadly been dashed.

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