Father and Son

The videogame, finally, as a form of art
Accepted by magnificent and mastodontic statues of the millennium, even before going into the details of the video game itself, the predominant feeling was that it had won a big and important battle, if not the war. Finally the video game starts seriously to be considered as an


art form also by those who live and breathe art every day. This was clear from the very beginning listening to the words of Dr. Parolo Giulierini, director of MANN , and Prof. Ludovico Solima, from which the whole project started only 9 months ago.

An important hint was made to the numbers that the video game industry has been able to produce in recent times. Numbers that are difficult to ignore today, but which, at least in this case, are not a will to reschedule a slice as a somewhat slimmer one, and perhaps we might even call noble, reach so many new people, tease them and leave them who are curious and w


ant to sincerely discover, visit, know.
These are probably the predominant reasons why the way to go is the most “simple” one, so to speak, that is to bring an absolutely free product on mobile devices, now in the pockets of almost anyone. As it is obvious to think, however, it is not easy for anyone who


has always been busy in his life of archeology, administration or teaching to dive into a very technical, professional and varied world such as video games. So there is a need to rely on someone who is already part of that world and to build, for the first time, a ne


w link between classic history and the most modern technologies that leads to unprecedented collaboration and, hopefully, fruitful .
So comes into play Fabio Viola, who is als


o present at the event, and we know through video contribution Sean Wenham. In fact, we are still quite impressed by the fact that MANN has seriously sought to find professionals who have so much experience already important but absolutely young, so they know w


hat they are likely to be the key target of Father and Son. Boys who have already worked with leading companies such as Sony, Electronic Arts, Vivend


i and Ubisoft. A bit more curious is that the music composer is called Arkadiusz. No, he is not the Polish Milik, so famous in Naples of these days, but Reikowski, already known for his work in productions such as Layers of Fear and Kholat. Story-doing in the streets of Naples

Father and Son

Moving our attention to the true essence of Father and Son , what do we find? We could see very little of the game itself, probably because it would be all spoiler, but we have various items to share with you. The concept was born from the Wenham drawings, tables that resemble a lot of the painting style with watercolors and which are in turn inspired not only by architecture – both internal and external – of the Archaeological Museum of Naplesbut also some of the main streets of the old town. In this regard, thanks to Sean’s recorded record of exchanging four conversations with Fabio Viola, the development team has been fascinated by some peculiar elements that only Naples has to offer all over the world, then exalted by the lights and colors which distinguish different epochs. True, although the locations are essentially the same, within the game you will be able to see them in three different versions: modern, Bourbon and classic. It will then be up to the player to find the three famous works (but still wrapped in the mystery) to complete the game.
It is therefore necessary to understand why the title. “Father and Son” can be deliberately interpreted with a double key reading. The first, well-off, is based on the story being told: a son trying to get closer to the father he ever met and when it seems to be too late. But is it really too late? The instinct would propel us for the no, but we will continue to focus the discourse then in the review in just over a month. The other key is the target to which this work is intended. Not just a young audience, but maybe even involving their parents to play together, share a gaming experience that also tends to surprise, intrigue, and intrigue.
Here’s the leitmotif of this title: different generations, different genres, but in fact they are not so far apart.In Father and Son it seems you really want to point to this specific aspect, create links only to the unlikely appearance between reality which, after all, are not so different from each other once you go to look at the substance that is at the bottom.