Farewell to real life: first steps in Destiny 2

Well, hello, Guardian. Come in, sit down – obogreeshsya by the fire after a long journey on a frosty rocks. We know, we know: tens of countless hours in the service of the Iron Lord Saladin you finally finish off, but you promised to come back after a long vacation … and kept his word.

Warmed up? In fact, there is nothing to sit up: here’s a new quest – go, perform, mobs do not slumber. Do not forget to feed the chickens out! We’ve got a farm, not this your last city. Which still has not.

Rise and shine

Veterans Destiny awaits a small pleasant “surprise” (which is already zaspoylerili all sorts of media and bloggers) – if you are satisfied with the appearance of your former fighters can immediately plunge into a fierce battle the flames, saving 20 minutes in the editor appearance. Characters imported, but – just their appearance.

By Laura all honest grind produced armor and guns destroyed sinister Dominus Goul – Toma Hardi Bane in the form of a hybrid disgusting and super mutants of Fallout 4. The same bastard has blocked all the old superpowers, but will not overly focus on lore.

The idea is that your character is not a stitch. After a series of scripted humiliation (but without ambiguous tin) you have a real reason to take revenge on the alien overgrown.

The “early №2” scenery – in the best tradition of cinema. All on fire, no hope, you could barely hobble to the infamous gray cannon in the gray armor of the 1st leveled, but in fact is the first step on the path to true greatness grind.

A farmer with a shotgun

Contused today (and tomorrow’s epic hero / savior of mankind rests) quickly gets to the first social location, which is intended to be a substitute for the Tower last city – to the farm. Stop for a moment and appreciate the brilliant deep humor Bungie, because in Destiny 2 you will have a lot of farming.

No need to be a veteran of Destiny, to quickly understand this location. That is the character gives the story quests, you can store the armor, a good grandmother decrypts engrams (that is turning drawings into a weapon), but what kind of a gloomy hangar sends straight to PvP matches.

At any point of the farm, you can go into orbit on his spaceship (for those who have spent the last 5 years in a nuclear bunker: it’s just a cutscene, steer volatile vehicle will not give), and from there, with Yuriya Gagarina the height and the ISS, choose directly combat the landing point.

The life-giving European Zone

First PvE location in which you start up – The European Dead Zone. And it is – as V. I. Lenin, that is very much alive! Especially compared to the first Destiny.

Yes, we are still talking about the intersected “arenas”, connected by long “corridor” (to upload in real time, without annoying black Loading screen), but each “Arena” has become more and more interesting, and “corridors” (read: time download) – as if it were shorter.

What else came to life in the Dead Zone? Side-quests. Previously, it was soulless squares bounty issued by wholesale lots robot social location or identical beacons on the card itself.

Now third-party tasks associated with particular charismatic characters. How do you, for example, unflappable British sniper Indian origin, even in an environment of fierce alien invaders offering brewed Ceylon tea?

And again – yes: the side-quests – this is still the job in style “destroy waves of the Fallen X” or “Y Arrange the transmitter.”

But, firstly, within the same quest, they are more or less meaningful chain, and secondly you explain what you’re doing and what it will bring, not just “We have to weaken our enemies !!!” as in the first Destiny. Believe naslovo: perception changes completely. In terms of the RPG, +10 to dive.

Bungie also tried to vary randomly events. As it was in Destiny 1? If we are at the point A is planted steep Walker (not Texas Ranger and tank spider), and there it is planted to blueing. Now, however, variations are possible. You think here you can constantly farm tank, since he was here last event? And here and there: all of a sudden – a robotic eye servitor, get and sign.