Fallout: Nuka-World

This supplement is specially created for those who are so fed up with the leader of the Minutemen Preston Garvey and his repeated requests to distribute land to the peasants and to protect farms that wanted to become a raider and shoot them all. To do this, you must first enter the territory of the theme park.

Once upon a time, thanks to its many attractions, it was very popular among boys and girls, as well as their parents.

After the war the park for some time has become a kind of shopping mecca, but then here came the raiders and literally enslaved merchants – put collars on them (smashing his head during the escape, just like in the movie “Death Pact”) and began to ruthlessly exploit.

And yet the boredom of their leader made a deadly show (remember here is “Running Man”). It luring simpletons from the nearby Commonwealth and forced them to pass the obstacle course of traps and enemies to fight in the end with a final “boss” and invariably die.

Not one survived. Still. If you first manage to stay alive (and to make it very difficult, because the addition is designed for very high-level characters in power armor), defeating the main organizer of the show is quite extraordinary, even humorous way, then you will become the new Big Boss local Raiders.

nuclear idiots

Immediately it becomes clear that the “Nuka world” there are three colorful gangs. Adepts – sadists and maniacs with a fondness for killing and torture for fun. Flock – the same as their dogs, wild animals, which strongly razmalovyvayut themselves and as a hobby organize fights between animals. Operators – most sane who does not kill just like that, but first of all want to “plant suckers to grandmas.”

As it turned out, a very fragile peace established between them. And everyone is waiting for the new leader more decisive action. It is necessary to maintain the union or get on someone’s side (so that each group is certainly craves most of all), to capture the rest of the park, and then subdue and all Commonwealth, citing the bandit “Nuka world” to the dubious prosperity.

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Design theme park areas, of course, to the occasion.

You, of course, gleefully rubbing their hands in anticipation of that in front of you waiting for a woman of easy virtue, casino, blackjack, and numerous scandals, intrigue, investigation, undercover games, the need to divide and conquer … Certainly not. Ahead you will find the essence of what is called “typical quests from Bethesda ».

Big sweep

“Big Boss” becomes an errand boy in three gang factions leaders who speak with him as a child, suffering from delusions of grandeur: “I’m in charge here, you do what I tell you! – Okay, but first, were driven there, to kill and beer more grip. – Okay. So can I go? – Go, go, my dear, and we have enough problems without you. ”

By working on them, we do mostly the same type of order in the spirit of “kill the merchant, and put out a collar on that mate, bankrupt out the settlement.” Plus tedious cleaning of large areas of the park and their subsequent distribution of a particular group.

No doubt, in the process occur more or less interesting situation where, for example, in the Safari Park you will come across some cave barbarian with a herd of improvised gorillas, and “dry valley” you serving drinks dead visitors bar or arrange a cowboy duel with a robot in the scenery of the Wild West.

In the “Children’s Kingdom” with a lot of candy, rides and evil ghouls led by the mad magician, and did have a rare variant of a peaceful solution.