Among those who have always been skeptical about Virtual Reality , the theses related to the lack of success on the market have historically been two: the high cost of the viewers and the lack of content really “Triple A”.Welcome to our fallout 4 review

Fallout 4 trailer



The accessibility of PSVR and the cuts made by Oculus with regard to Rift are progressively lowering entry barriers, while, in parallel, the availability of software continues to grow, also thanks to high budget productions.
Despite being porting operations, the Bethesda triptych composed of Skyrim VR , DOOM VFR and Fallout 4 VR was expected to the gap, as potentially able to bring the general public closer to virtual reality, proposing experiences reinterpreted to leverage the strengths of the viewers: immersion, sense of presence and perception of the third dimension.


If Skyrim VR is released as an exclusive for PSVR, Fallout 4 VR is instead on the opposite side of the spectrum, arrived only on Vive with a title designed specifically for controllers produced by HTC. In short, we return to explore the desolate ruins of Boston, leaving the thick walls of Vault 111 with renewed enthusiasm.

In the shoes of a survivor

The whole initial sequence of fallout pc , from the first moment – apparently idyllic – within one’s own home to the next abrupt awakening in a post-apocalyptic world, is now firmly rooted in our memories.
When does fall out for come out In Virtual Reality, however, does all another effect and it seemed to live it for the first time: the light that filters through the windows, the baby crying, the anachronistic appliances are all details that capture the eye, stimulating us to observe every single element of the environment, amazed and involved like never before.

As you become familiar with the teleport-based locomotion system (fairly standard for VR production releases this year), we wander around the house far and wide , starting to examine every aspect of the home, opening the refrigerator and drawers, and thus leaving room for curiosity.


The interaction is completely managed through the two Vive controllers, equipped with a large touchpad, an analog trigger and two additional buttons in the handle, which allow you to mimic the action of grasping an object simply by tightening your hands.

The mapping of the controls works fairly well, even if the navigation of the menus happens with the swipe on the touch surfaces, proving that the Vive controllers were not born purely for videogames but for a wider typology of experiences, and thus being quite imperfect in the most hectic situations.

After spending more than half an hour in the home we finally decide to start the real adventure, answering the bell sounded by the representative of Vault-tec and in fact triggering the sequence of events that will catapult us into the future, to the strenuous search for our son.

Right in the section of the flight to the Vault we decide to try the free locomotion system: the movement is again managed by sliding your finger on one of the touchpads, with the view narrowed by a filter that fades the edges, in order to make more lightning movements more manageable.

This filter can however be disabled and, thanks to a certain habit in the use of VR viewers and a performing hardware that guarantees a good fluidity without losing any frame, moving freely in Vault 111 once again turns into a very engaging adventure.

But it is only when we set foot in the ruins of the game world that the true potential of Fallout 4 VR “explodes” with all its strength: the visit to our old house, the meeting with Dogmeat and the boundless horizon make cementing the ‘idea that all the resounding charm of the original game is in front of our eyes.


Fallout 4 for HTC it is not, in fact, a reduced version of the starting title, adapted to Virtual Reality with heavy compromises in terms of content: the proof of being in front of the complete work we had simply lifting the left arm, looking towards the wrist and selecting the map thanks to a couple of swipe to manage the menu.


The size of the rooms is what we already know and the desire to explore the wild nature of wasteland alongside our canine companion back to power in the limelight.

But we decide to follow the classic flow of adventure and reach Concord , engaging the first real gun battle.