Fallen Order game of the month and give the Jedi an Ultrawide monitor –

Fantastic Role Out Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order we are with LG considered it an excellent occasion to recall our traditional heading “Game of the month". And this means that the drawing of the Ultrawide monitor is returning to us!

But first, about the game, because in our special section we intend to parse it by the bones. And not only her: in a special video, we recall her predecessors. You will find out what projects we considered the best story games in Star wars. What do you think, Knights of the old republic is mentioned in it?

Fans of the Star Wars movie universe enthusiastically accepted the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, as its creators carefully conveyed not only the spirit, but also the realities of a distant galaxy. In a special article, we recall places and characters that are familiar to us from both trilogies.

And on a journey through the new regions and planets of the Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, we can go thanks to another video. After all, the chamberness of the history of Cal Kestis and his team does not mean that the world accessible to us is small. We have a whole bunch of worlds at our disposal, and some of the locations are specially invented and created for the game.

But first, we’ll figure out what it means to be a Jedi in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. IN special material we analyze military mechanics, talk about affordable weapons and equipment, and answer the question of why the Jedi Force.
And now – about the main thing! We invite everyone to feel like a Jedi. And for starters, to find out which side of the Force we would be if the midi-chlorians were favorable to us. We prepared special test, which will determine your worldview with an accuracy of a couple of pixels.
Among the test participants, we will play an excellent, but what is there, a wonderful monitor UltraWide 34GK950G-B. It has DCI-P3 coverage and a Nano IPS-based matrix, and in addition – 10-bit color gamut, convenient Black Stabilizer setup and built-in profiles for games of different genres.

You can participate until December 30, 2019, do not forget to read the detailed rules. And next year we will summarize and name the most successful of the Jedi. The 34GK950G-B can be yours, so don’t ignore the unique opportunity!