Falla in the system

Deus ex mankind divided criminal past review

The risk of seeing a more satisfying ending in the form of paid downloadable content was, after all, concrete, despite the inevitable discontent that could be triggered by such a choice. So lucky that the developers of Eidos Montreal have become smart and, at least for now, have averted the danger with their first DLC dedicated to the main story: System Rift.


This “piece” of adventure (easily activated from the menu “Stories of Jensen”) does not do much to give more concreteness to the conclusion of the campaign and reconnects itself to a completely different part of the game, bringing back a charismatic old knowledge.


Fugato then any doubt on the mismanagement of the plot, it remains to be seen if this new adventure is worth the price of the ticket and how effectively it manages to enrich an already brilliant structure in many aspects.

We reviewed the first DK story of  mankind divided system rift: will it be the update that the campaign needed?

 Deus ex system rift length

The “return” of which we have spoken in the introduction is that of Frank Pritchard, supporting the good Adam Jensen in the previous title of the saga and linked to the protagonist by a strange relationship of hate / friendship (to put it to the Japanese,


Adam and Pritchard behave a bit from “tsundere” to each other, but this will understand it in a few). Jensen has some outstanding debt with Pritchard, and of course the hacker thinks well to exploit the thing for his comfortable, involving our favorite enhanced agent in a series of  system rift deus ex that will lead him to deal with the powerful organization known as Palisade as well as one of the most renowned hackers in the world.

Falla in the system

So, if you did not understand it from the premise, here the storyline is not designed to reveal great secrets about the fearsome organizations of the game or the mysterious antagonists, but manages to give greater concreteness to the Breach mode, adding to the world of Deus Ex interesting elements .


No screenplay attacked with the spit, in short, but not even unimaginable revelations, and this willingness to fly low seems to affect the gameplay, which goes very far from the precepts set by the base campaign. Here the news are not roaring powers or gaming sessions ever seen, but a large primary quest that closes in an armored building of the Palisade, highlighting the main strengths of the gameplay of Mankind Divided.


 Deus ex system rift trophies


If in fact the first phase is rather linear and in some cases forcibly simplistic (see hidden stakes defenses from low-level informatic protections in the house of the most fearsome hacker in Prague is really strange, but it is a stretch that is understandable for the good of progress)


The infiltrations are after all the most successful part of the work of Eidos and the addition of a new six-story building full of guards, cameras, turrets and drones certainly can not be evaluated negatively. The “blade” of Palisade is a complex and well managed structure, rich in passages and alternative ways that make the most of Adam’s various specializations, up to even areas where his most efficient and abusive skills are ineffective.

Falla in the system

It’s a nice change of pace compared to the first slow minutes, able to amuse more than most of the other missions; there is only a non-negligible problem: it lasts very little and there is a continuous impression that a similar phase should have been part of the basic game (or at least released for free).





The mission entrusted by dear Francis lasts just over two hours if faced calmlyand willingness to explore (you can complete it even in an hour if you go straight to the point), very little justifiable timing if you evaluate the price of the package. Its nature of narrative glue, then, makes it look more like a missing piece of real addition, feeling further amplified by the marginal tweaks to the gameplay we talked about before.


With the purchase of the season pass the content acquires an undoubtedly greater sense, but remains a “taste” more than a true DLC, satisfying only because it was built on already granitic foundations.


Not enough the fact that the DLC is detached from the primary campaign, while forcing the player to choose carefully how to specialize, is a nuisance limitation,which prevents those who want to face the Blade of Palisade a total freedom of approach. Eidos Montreal could make considerably more effort.


 Deus ex system rift achievements


Picture Attainment original name Description spectacles Trophy
Clean Sweep MD Clean, clean, clean, clean! Clean Sweep Go through the history of Jensen’s “System failure”, without killing anyone. thirty 40-silver
Expose the Truth MD To expose! Expose the Truth! Decide what to do with the evidence found. 15 40-bronze
Extract The Data Retrieving data … Extract the Data… Remove the data for Pritchard’s right in the Blade “Peliseyd” . 15 40-bronze
Go Figure Statuette, I choose you Go Figure Install the statue ShadowChild . 15 40-bronze
Help Desk Support Help Desk With the help of Blade employee pass a security protection. 15 40-bronze
Knock Knock Here here Knock Knock Using Slow , pass through “Peliseyd” protective door at the bank. thirty 40-silver
Murder He Wrote Author’s death Murder He Wrote Find all the clues on the Saridakis death. thirty 40-silver
Too Hot to Handle Hot stuff Too Hot to Handle Complete the server room, being unnoticed TeploSensorami or enemies. thirty 40-silver