F1 2017

Carefree, immediately in Career Mode
The first and only one for time reasons, a reasonable choice to test the majority of F1 2017 facetsit would have been the career mode, so without waiting for further details, we were heading for that. We were not allowed to create the character already defined by default, but it does not matter because the choice of the builder was not expected to wait and, as usual, led us to sign the first contract for the first season and then immediately alive of action.
Not wanting to waste time with the smaller teams, the choice is relegated to Ferrari instead of Vettel, with the other various houses listed in the menu no longer divided into tiers but sorted by an analog bar ready to score the level. Mercedes sees on the others even though it is marked by a Ferrari arrembante, demonstrating roles inverted to the current situation of the championship.
Once we made that decision, we were led, according to the gambling mechanics now known as the Codemasters titles for the single-player component, in a hub to live our lives off the races. Surrounded by the most realistic faces of the team, with Arrivabene ready to greet us with that scorn, the only option was to use the computer to access all career information as well as prepare for the next races. In addition to the various details of the league’s performance, the highly detailed menu will provide us with more information on our rival challenges, R & D departmental advancement levels, and more to pinpoint the pre-race atmosphere.
F1 2017 proved in engaging career mode
Covers on the asphalt
When the preparations were finished, it was time to get on the track, for precision in Melbourne: the first stage in the world. A bit rusty and a bit with the need to adapt to the cockpit, we have extensively exploited the three free practice sessions granted.
Each one has been used, as well as driving the mnemonic circuits of the circuit, also to earn team points by means of targets that, if set before the exit from the boxes, guide the player to deal best every single aspect of the car, from the trajectory in race and fuel consumption on tires and fast laps. A set of pre-engineered mechanics in the race and the improvement of the player’s technical skills.
All of this is accessible from the computer visible from the inside of the passenger compartment while staying in the box, whereby you can also modify all the parameters of the car, both in general and in detail. If a component breaks, a cooldown is started for the box to return to the box, after which time it is possible to re-enter the track.
However, there will be no chance to take advantage of the very rewind in the race if there are any venial mistakes during the competition.
Once the race was over, we were then tested on other vehicles, completely untied from our main competition to gain further prestige. Beyond these, reaching the goals set by the team and knocking the rivals, chosen by the brains behind F1 2017 , are aspects that will make it possible to improve our condition by moving to a more prominent team.
F1 2017 proved in engaging career mode
The technique is not water
From the graphic point of view, the F1 2017 ‘s gaming engine has demonstrated a great deal of detail not only of the track, but also of all the contour elements. The weather, particularly sunny during testing and qualifying, turned into clouds in the last laps of the race as much as the shadow game made us reevaluate all the visual points of the circuit. The care taken in the car’s realization, then, became apparent in the seven different cameras used, from the outside to the one on the wing.
We do not express much more about sound, not because of the technical goodness of the realization and the dissatisfaction that the current monopoles generate in motor enthusiasts. So let’s wait for the historic vehicles, maybe the V12s of the same time, of much more thickness, to be able to appreciate this factor better.
Remember to have tried the build on PS4 Pro.