F1 2015

It was absolutely necessary. Finally, the F1 2015 video game brings the license back to a warm week in July, putting the season ahead and leaving


behind those launches in October, giving a twist to the ideas of Codemasters Racing and letting them work alone in the new generation, and amortizing the cutting-edge technology of the latest systems. What this Blu-Ray contains on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One -DVD on PC – leaves behind what F1 simulators were until last season.


Now Hamilton, Rosberg, Vettel, Sainz, Alonsoand company run in preferential positions within the world of the virtual engine, with less to envy the most colorful and realistic exponents of motorsport in consoles, with much ground ahead to


make the sport of the cars a new source of enthusiasm and great productions. Now you understand why F1 2014 added or experienced so little, they were working on all this.

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And to compensate the fans, F1 2015 is not cut and includes all the 2014 season , its great moments and particularities, only that adapted to the new


graphic and playable style of the series. We are talking here about the delivery that will be the key base for the next few years, the starting signal for the Formula One titles, which live this reestyling that starts with the same cover and the official arts of the game. Following the line of other sports simulators such as


FIFA or NBA 2K , F1 2015 gives greater presence and prominence to the pilots, not only incorporating their faces on the cover and the main menus, but also for what it means now to run with one team or another, to know the style of each driver and


performance of your car, and to look for how to take advantage of that type of knowledge in our favor. To begin with, we have worked on an AI and animations that in a certain sense plagiarize some of the characteristic attitudes of each star, as well as those of their position in the championships.

F1 2015 (PC) screenshot

F1 2015 (PC) screenshot  F1 2015 (PS4) screenshot

Of course it is not the same to play one season or another, starting with the circuits and the order, like the recovered GP Mexico of the Autodromo Hermanos Rodríguez that welcomes us to the Championship Mode for a player. There are also the


changes of rules and regulations from one season to another . For example, here we will notice immediately with the double points for the last race , which last year were and in the 2015 season no. Case similar to the Virtual Safety Car , translated into the obligation of pilots to reduce speed in case of danger on the track.


Hockenheimyes it is in the 2014 season, of course. The new competition has completely homologated tracings from 19 countries and the top 10 teams – Manor by downloading the free Day1 patch – with the two men who represent them. And another important point that


we did not like anything, disappears Trajectory Mode where the player created his pilot and was climbing steps from the lowest. Neither a trace of Challenges, Cronos de medalla or Cooperative World. Very hard.

F1 2015 (PS4) screenshot

The Championship Mode is the main one for a player, transferring the fury of the confrontation of the real weekends to the video game, the momentazos, the commentaries, what is lived around the races, presentation of norms and circuits, particular penalties, etc.


Now the team decisions and everything external that surrounds the race itself are more important , essentially in high play difficulties among the 5 difficulty modes that it incorporates, changing adjustments and helps to make each one more challenging and realistic than the other. previous.


F1 2015 incorporates tips and modalities that will serve as learning or training in all kinds of climatic, lighting and clue situations. Time trial orFast Race


will be the best ally to prepare a concrete test. It is crucial, because the rain and the puddles that are gradually created on the road, or the dazzling sun and night spotlights are new, more active enemies that also seem to seek us out of the track.

The driving experience is adapted to the aids we enable, as it could not be otherwise, going from the most arcade to some pretty worthy flying sensations.


But you can also cross out aspects regarding the current simulation referents, for example the ‘force feedback’ is not as satisfactory as the one that ended up getting Project Cars in a matter of single-seaters. On the other hand, there are all the strategic or tactical demands, and not only satisfied with knowing when to stop in the pits or


how to cope with the damage. Now the technician gives us information, instructions and advice of all kinds, to which we must pay attention.


With the crosshead we can modify the braking distribution and the fuel mixture. When entering the pits and changing tires, We will notice directly in the hands that we will need a couple of curves to heat them. Details like this are a total success at high levels.