Experiment Successful: Atlus Reveals Persona 5 Strikers Sales & Thanks To Fans

Company Atlus reported on new successes Persona 5 Strikers – the first action-oriented offshoot in the famous role-playing franchise. As of today, the total sales of physical and digital versions of the game across all platforms (Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC) overcame the milestone in 1.3 million copies

Previous sales information Persona 5 Strikers Studio Atlus provided in December last year. Then, even before the western premiere of the project, which died down last February, it was about 500,000 copies sold… Respectively over the past 5 months have shown games have grown by another 800,000 sold copies

Similar results make Persona 5 Strikers the fourth best-selling game in the Persona franchise. She is inferior only Persona 5 Royal from 1.4 million copies sold (as of July 2023), Persona 4 Golden from 1.5 million copies sold (as of August 2023), and the original Persona 5 from 3.2 million copies sold (as of December 2019).

Release Persona 5 Strikers (also known as Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers) in Japan took place back in February last year. The western premiere of the game died down exactly one year later, on February 23 of this year. Our review can be found here

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