Everything will be fine: Phil Spencer commented on the development of Halo: Infinite and confessed his love to Brut Craig

Head of the gaming division of the corporation Microsoft Phil Spencer talked to the resource GameSpot and answered a number of questions posed against the backdrop of the November 10 launch of the next generation consoles Xbox series x and Xbox series s

Commenting on Halo: Infinite, Spencer noted that despite the skepticism of some players, the development team 343 Industries has a clear idea of ​​what is Halo and in what direction should the franchise develop

“I am confident in the 343i’s creative vision for the entire franchise and its future development. This is quite an interesting point, since this series is loved by millions and millions of players, but technology never stands still. So we find ourselves in a situation where we have to find a balance between new and old, but again, I believe in the team [343 Industries] and her creative plans, “explains Phil Spencer.

Also a top manager Microsoft spoke about personnel changes inside 343 Industries, assuring that the departure of some key studio staff is not directly related to the negative reaction to the show Halo: InfiniteNews about the replacement of one specialist with another often reaches the press with a certain delay, which can lead to people from outside to get the wrong impression about the true state of affairs in the development team

Another funny moment of the interview is connected with the already legendary Brutus Craigthat spawned a ton of Internet memes after the first show Infinite… Spencer was asked about the likelihood of the comic character appearing on the back cover of the upcoming shooter, and despite the fact that the head of the Xbox team could not make such a promise, he directly admitted that now Craig there is every chance to become a real symbol of Halo.

“We even have T-shirts with Craig’s face, although I forgot to wear it today. I’m glad the team accepted this meme, it’s really funny. I’m sure that now Craig will be part of the Halo universe for decades. You will see his face everywhere. Perhaps even in the game you will meet him, “Phil Spencer jokingly replied.

Running Halo: Infinite expected next year.

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