Everything for people: Microsoft has updated the Xbox 360 digital store, making it more accessible to residents of the CIS

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Phil Spencer continues to transform Xbox to the console for the people. Recently rebranding took place Xbox Game Pass, during which the subscription service changed its logo, hiding the word “Xbox” in the “X”. Around the same time, Xbox One users noticed a change in the digital store. The crutch in the form of the Marketplace, where previously you could buy games for the Xbox 360, is a thing of the past – almost all games of the bygone generation were transferred to the Microsoft Store.

What does this give an ordinary user from the CIS?

  • As you know, some games were not available in certain regions. Moreover, the owners of consoles living in countries where there was no official support from Microsoft (Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and others) faced certain difficulties. For example, they had to change IP to buy. Now CIS residents can buy games that are available for backward compatibility directly, using the privileges of absolutely any region (Microsoft Store on Xbox One region free, – GameMag’s note).
  • Xbox 360 games are now available to purchase directly from your Xbox One. Previously, you had to go to the site, and in the built-in Microsoft Store, instead of the “buy” button, there was a simple link.
  • Xbox 360 game prices have been converted to dollars, similar to Xbox One projects. As a result, some games became cheaper.
  • And, perhaps, the main bonus. Missing projects appeared in the store. For example, starting in August, Xbox One owners will be able to download and launch the Russian digital version of Fable 2, previously available exclusively on disc. The project is fully translated and dubbed.

Unfortunately, there is a small fly in the ointment. Microsoft hasn’t moved all games yet. Some like Ninja gaiden black, got lost on the servers and are still shackled by the burden of the outdated Marketplace.

I am glad that Microsoft, against the backdrop of a change of generations, is carrying out a global work on errors, cleaning up dirty linen, which previously simply did not have enough time. One-stop service and one-stop shop should serve gamers well in the future.

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