space Robinsonade

Mankind has for many years inspired by – and is likely to be more inspired, – stories about space explorers. Unexplored worlds, dangerous mission … And of course, supercomputers, repeatedly changing the role of the best friend to the role of the worst enemies and vice versa. Event [0] – the next game of the series. With a couple of interesting things.

Event [0] – debut game independent studio Ocelot Society, which is a mixture of a text adventure game and escape the room. It all starts with the standard history.

You are offered to choose the sex of the character and the background is, and then – just accept fate. More specifically, the AI ​​research vessel “Europe 11” sends you drifting in space hotel “Nautilus” without any clear explanation. One goal – to return to Earth. In the process of achieving it your “partner” will be onboard AI Kaizen, and proper interaction with the computer – your key to return home.

Mechanics and control is extremely simple: the default movement is tied to the mouse and keyboard need to communicate with Kaizen. On the stages of the game, when the need to go into space, connect to the management gap.

On board the “Nautilus” many potentially interesting for the study of things, but the interaction with them is limited to short “certificates” with the cursor. And though at times they play a role in advancing the plot, in the main hotel interior items simply create an atmosphere.

One can not say that this lack of; on the contrary, such a limitation of working on the general feeling: you are stuck on an abandoned ship, around – the cold vast space of the living room can hear the song of the end of the world, you are not sure that you return to Earth, and very little that can be done. Total, hopeless loneliness.

Speaking of atmosphere: the main highlight Event [0] that the environment can tell you how to go about Kaizen. In fact, the entire ship – the “body” of the computer, and all the sounds produced by it one way or another reflect the status and mood of your sole companion.

Changes do not always pay attention, but a couple of times, when the reaction Kaizen could not understand how he (she? It?) Refers to the main character, a change in the environment gave a hint, a starting point for further dialogue.

Review Event [0]

Thus, communication with Kaizen – the core upon which all the passage. The concept can cause a rush of nostalgia for those who dearly loves Zork, Anchorhead and interactive fiction in general.

However, in this case, I want to just thank the developers for that game long. Not that Kaizen – a terrible conversationalist, but sometimes pull out of the AI ​​any required information (such as direction) is practically impossible, and the constant backtracking and the need for the introduction of the same query over and over again the order of boring.

In addition, depending on your style of communicating with Kaizen will depend on the nature of action. With the full cooperation and an attempt to maintain a “friendly atmosphere in the team,” you are likely to get bored quickly, but objective and achieve faster. It does not cause any desire pereproyti Event [0] for the different kind of experience,

Review Event [0]

The game is really captivating, it is the visual component. “Nautilus” and everything that happens on board, inadvertently evoke the “Space Odyssey,” Kubrick or the same “Solaris”. It is not well-developed parts or retrofuturisticheskih interiors. Collectively, all of the space debris before cleaning robot depressed, complements the oppressive feeling of reticence and isolation and makes want to get out of the “Nautilus” as soon as possible.

Well, except to admire the garden or listen a little piano in the living room, but then – away. This strange harmony between the attractive and repulsive in the Event [0] observed if not perfect, it is close enough to it. And that makes setting regret the fact that the game is so short.