Even the Get

Even the Get  – an attempt to relatively obscure Polish band The Farm 51 break out in people. Studio founded by former employees of People Can Fly, the one that stood at the origins of the genre

“Polish shooter” with his series Painkiller, but for her they could distinguish a mediocre NecroVision and not the most successful Painkiller: Hell and Damnation .

Track record of very dubious, but Get Even, it seems, will be able to fix the reputation of the studio.

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Poles realized that the “meat” first person shooters segodnyaprevratilis in a rather narrow genre in which it makes no sense to compete with Bethesda. So they decided to try something new for his ambitious return after a few years of silence.

The trend is now horror and “walk simulators”, and it is to this train latched on The Farm 51. At the very least, try to self-determination in the genre Get Even blurry.

She juggles with clichés and stamps from different genres, stranding them in not the most original, but a strong and original story.

The game imagines himself Resident Evil 7, then gets in the simulator tracks walk about the search for lost memories, then generally accepted awkward, but recognizable to emulate Tom Clancy’s Splinter the Cell: Chaos Theory .

Oh, and all this seasoned detective element of Batman: Arkham Asylum The .

Despite the fact that the creators themselves positioned Get Even as a psychological “horror first-person shooter”, a true characteristic is “a fantastic adventure horror” because the shooting is all not very good, but the element of mystery and every horror set well .

All the elements are strung on the basis of the gameplay “walking simulator” – the hero is able to run and duck but can not jump and climb, so most of the time you have to move at a slow pace or steal.

Obviously, it was necessary to maintain the desired voltage, but that severely affected the dynamics of shooting.

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This is not exactly pure horror, as the same recent Outlast 2 – the action takes place in a sinister abandoned psychiatric hospital, but now and then you will be taken out of the shabby corridors in a bright and safe places.

And this is the strong point of the local directors. No matter how scary or horror was, by the end of its effect is always disappears, the player simply gets tired and afraid of getting used to the dismembered corpses and blood on the walls. And Get Even horror fed dosed intermittently, and this holds much stronger.

However, the worst land still awaits the player in the first half hour, the “disease” of the genre can not fix, probably nothing.

That’s because only here include fear of the unknown, afraid of causing every shadow just because you do not know whether there is something to hide or not.

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The story will touch as briefly as possible, without spoilers, but a few things still worth noting. In the center of the history of a Koul Blek, who only remembers his own name and that he was trying to rescue some kidnapped girl.

It locked up in an abandoned mental hospital, put on eyes a strange VR-helmet and offered to undergo a series of tests that will help to restore memory.

The helmet is able to immerse the person in a simulation of his memories – the mysterious Doctor hung throughout the hospital photos, newspaper clippings and record from which, in theory, should build the whole picture of the past.

And our hero dutifully agrees. He was not worried about that in the “treatment” he had to wander around the abandoned (actually not quite) a mental hospital, where patients used to be contained in the near-inhuman conditions.

He was not worried about the fact that the voice that gives job sounds cruel and biased even through iskzheniya.

He was not even worried about the strange, strange hallucinations. And the more – the lower the fear and doubt, as gradually emerges the story of his life is full of mysteries, innuendo and intrigue, which until recently did not fit into a single picture.

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Screenwriter Get Even deserves the award or at least recognition – so smart and rich, but at the same time down to earth and live a fantastic story,

I have not seen not only in games, but also, perhaps, to the movies. Koul Blek not only learns something new about his past, and develop as a person, taking over more and more control of the situation as the memory comes back to him.

Along with him, and the world is changing – the variety of genres that juggles The Farm 51 to adjust the tempo and style of gameplay to the needs of history, rather than drive it into the framework of the selected formula.

Terrible episodes in the hospital does not alternate with the memories, and the dot in the immersion diluted detective skein to add tension and a little change of pace – there is nothing that clears your head like a little adrenaline.

Cole Black’s story, his work and his former colleagues cleverly twisted, but, most importantly, there is no “grand piano in the bushes” at the end there – to the unexpected turns can be tracked hints throughout the game.

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The writers managed to perfectly capture the change and development of the character, which is quite rare in games. In addition, in the past, Cole turns real spy detective, which was really interesting to watch. Personally, I have this piece of history caught the most.

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In the majority of memories levels the game turns into a primitive but surprisingly balanced stealth-action. Cole does not know how to jump and climb, which limits the possibilities of improvisation, but perfectly equipped and there is always the option to shoot enemies openly.

Main friend of our hero – his miracle-smartphone. The high-tech Army a prototype equipped with a powerful UV flashlight, thermal imager, cards with motion detector and evidence scanner (just like Batman!).

But his main Superpower that for the whole game he had not discharged and did not lose a network, this is a real fantastic!

Communicator is still with us in the past and in the present, but a very cool gun “Kornergan” joins in the memories to him. This periscope handle to a pistol and submachine gun, which allows you to shoot from the corner.

A viewfinder serve him all the same smartphone – why such a thing was not there before? In addition, there is a large arsenal of different weapons, which opens passed on 100% of the chapter.