Evan’s Remains Review | Gamemag

What I love games for is the addictive interactive stories with an unexpected denouement or a bright ending. Developer from Argentina Matthias Schmid offers a confusing and puzzling narrative with puzzle elements Evan’s remains.

Completed with great love for detail, the project tells about a girl named Disis, who comes to an uninhabited paradise island in search of the mysterious genius of Evan.

While researching the ruins of a high-tech civilization and mysterious monoliths, she encounters explorer Clover and plunges into the wonderful world of friendship, lies and incredible revelations.

The author of the game proposes to lead the heroine through a series of monolithic puzzles to find out part of a very personal and sad story.

The puzzles themselves are visually reminiscent of Fez, and the character can jump on platforms, activating special properties.

Some platforms disappear after the jump, others remove or return all the tiles at the level, while others serve as a switch or trampoline, on which the higher you jump, the higher the soft base will raise.

All solutions are native and use the principles of logical thinking. At the same time, riddles as they progress through the plot do not have an increasing level of difficulty.

You can spend 15 minutes of real time on one, and run the next in a few minutes.

The scenario presentation system – two puzzles and one piece of history – may seem artificial, but it works great with Evan’s Remains.

Of course, you can blame the creator for some monotony, leaps in time and torn filing, but this does not greatly spoil the game.

Detailed pixel graphics with a very beautiful environment and smooth animations are one of the important elements of this fabulous story, which together with the music creates the melancholy atmosphere of a fantastic journey.

And, of course, the characters themselves and their fate force the player to move further into the depths of the island.