We acknowledge openly in LawBreakers utilitarian characters. The game does not rely on characters (here winning for a long time won Overwatch ), the emphasis is solely on combat mechanics – it is their balance and diversity of the plot is sent to the background.

Total: eighteen characters, nine classes, the two sides of the conflict. In each class there are two heroes with identical abilities: one is fighting for the Law, the other – on the side of the Breakers. It seems that they are not so many, but each class has a unique mechanics, tricks and tactical nuances that can absorb up to infinity.


Mobility and speed of movement has always been the hallmarks of the genre, but LawBreakers added to the familiar game recipe with gravity – and now skirmishes with somersaults in the air can not be avoided! When the bullets whistle, lasers lick the air dangerously close to the head, and the swarms of missiles pursue their own goals, you need to quickly adapt and change tactics on the fly. For optimal response need developed peripheral vision and a suitable monitor.

21h9 format will give the opponent a chance to quietly get close to the flank, and the extra inches save precious seconds to aim. Not to mention the fact that, when the entire field of view of a busy game, accuracy, speed, rage and euphoria of fatal shootings intoxicating. Lawyers and looters will not prevent frostbite recruits – maybe you’re just one of them?


Axel and Kintaro – a gateway-characters. Their “soldier” style of play is led to anyone who has ever launched modern shooters, so start discovering LawBreakers worth it to them. But the causality does not make class easier. On the contrary: they are simple, but very effective ability to require perfect timing and can abruptly change the course of battle.

As an exemplary soldier, Enforcer armed with an assault rifle and a pistol. Rifle is best manifest itself in the middle distance, and the gun (due to rate of fire and damage) at close. Enforcer easily adapts to any situation, and works best in tandem with the slower classes – for example, Titan. In addition, the Enforcer runs faster distorting gravity around him, and allies with him, too, receive an increase in their rate. This is a great technique to fast attacks, especially in Blitzball mode. A class EMP grenades – an invaluable tool that obscure the ability of opponents. When the outcome of the match depends on a successful attack, a powerful debuff can not be overemphasized.

Key ability Enforcer – a volley of homing missiles at the same target. A great tool for the destruction of important goals: “tanks”, doctors, media ball. Volley is particularly effective in areas with low gravity, where from it is almost impossible to escape or hide. Just remember that alone climb a bunch of bad opponents: Enforcer works best as a team with our allies. But if you still got into a brawl, try not to let the enemy out of sight. Here is useful widescreen monitor : 21h9 format allows you to intelligently evaluate the combat situation without being distracted by the head turns.


Maverick and Tosca-9 – shootings wizard. Vanguard class specializes in long battles, constantly suppress opponents and quickly knocks out anyone trying to reduce the distance.

Machine gun “Hydra” class weapon is equipped with a spacious cage and increases the rate of promotion, as trunks. Shots cause the low damage, but other classes of Vanguard longer pours goal lead: there’s any opponent or retreat, or just … I do not have time to do it.

Alternative-fire – a strong impulse force, repulsive and Player, and its purpose – can be used without stopping the fire to quickly finish off a wounded enemy. Thanks to the Vanguard rocket boosters outrageously clever at reduced gravity, and low damage “Hydra” is compensated by explosive grenades to a large area of ​​destruction.

The key class ability inflicts damage on the region, but it is not important – in addition, it creates a zone of low gravity. Immediately it should warn damage “Ulta” does little. It is not a weapon, but rather a tool to dramatically change the balance in the fight. And do not forget to keep an eye on the ammo counter: “Hydra” long recharged.


AEGIS and Nash – the classic “tank”: a slow, heavy and bulletproof. They are much inferior to the mobility of other classes, but they never have to be fast – enough to defend the goal and wait until the enemy will come up on a distance shot.

Shotgun “instigator” shoot slowly and powerfully. Two or three direct hits will be sent to the light all the characters – apart from the other “tank”, of course. In the “instigators” fixed accuracy and shop for eight rounds, for which it is important to monitor, since reload a full clip in combat too slow.


In addition, the gun has a bayonet – useful to reassure those who did not have the shot. In particularly hot situations Juggernaut can put a bulletproof barrier – the perfectly protects from fire and sometimes cuts the path of the attacker. It is better to use wisely: a large supply of health does not make you immortal.


Sprint and the key ability Juggernaut fed from a fuel source, so that it will spend very sparingly.

Spend fuel can be a serious increase in armor or extra speed with the ability to jump long distances – sounds modest, but in fact effective.

You need only time to activate the armor and do not forget that sprint, armor and increase the weight of the character. So, while the others wallow in weightlessness, you can regain full weight and walk on the ground. Boring? Maybe. But in terms of tactics.


Tocco and Feng – doctors, no search. The game is full of maneuvering and deadly characters, the doctor came out with one of the best on both fronts: the cure, and cripples Battle Medic equally successful.

The main medical weapons, pump-action grenade launcher, perfect for bombing – Battle Medic is almost non-stop explosions cover their comrades. The weapon works fine in Uplink and Overcharge modes that force opponents to move groups.

But, alas, a grenade launcher is almost impossible to aim at zero gravity: shoot at moving targets-ahead is extremely difficult. Here it is necessary to rely on the spare barrel – rapid-fire blaster. The benefit to travel at low gravity physician simply: it can float in the air, changing the pitch randomly. Not so fast, as the Vanguard with their engines, but control is better.

Battle Medic heals in several ways. Remote drones target with a shield cover and slowly recover her health – a good buff for “tanks”, who burst into the fray and take on most of the damage. Key ability Battle Medic creates energy dome impermeable bullets and shells … and allies within the region is also treated slowly. The trick is equally good both in defense and in attack: it can be used to cut the key points and not to give opponents to focus damage. The main thing in the consulting business – not to give offense to either himself or his comrades.


Abaddon and Faust – lethal and agile hands, potentially able to emerge victorious from almost any situation. The main thing – to learn to manage these cowboys.

Class guns “Alpha” and “Omega” work differently and are recharged independently of each other. Gunslinger, equally well mastered both guns, can single-handedly laid the whole team. “Alpha” is shooting bursts, but its bullets and shells are considered necessary to take pre-emption. Revolver “Omega”, in turn, – hitskan weapon that requires precision and perfect timing.

“Alpha” is more convenient to use at close range in closed locations, “Omega” – for sniping in zero gravity. One “fully loaded” getting into the head of the “Omega” even “tanks” leaves out a third of health, let alone all the other sends with one foot in the grave. But such fights is better to prepare in advance: convenient that tactical knife Gunslinger when throwing marks all nearby enemies. And the damage does a decent, if you go straight at the enemy.

Gunslinger cool and weightless, because he can teleport, and not only in the side, but also vertically: confuse the enemy will not work, but to escape in which case you can easily. If you have very tight, the key ability will come in handy – Lead downpour of both pistols at once swept away all those who are lucky not to be in the way.

The class is good and as a murderer, and as a fighter of good, but very weak in close combat: they aim at the most difficult. We played on the LG UltraWide , and screenshots can be seen how much the wide screen enhances lateral field of view in a critical situation, a good overview of retreat can determine the outcome of the clash.


Sunshine and Baron took an intermediate niche between the adherents of attack and defense. They are perfectly manifest themselves in large open maps with a minimum of shelter, and in which case the sub-menu and the physician.

Harrier carries a rifle, “Shock-Krok” – a laser weapon that emits a continuous beam of plasma. A large cage, high range – in general, burning pain, especially if you hit on the head. In addition, alternate fire of the enemy can be marked to even faster melting it in the soup, not hands near Maraya. It would be an imbalance, if not the most important catch: “Shock-Krok” requires the player to great accuracy. The Harrier shoes too hoarded lasers – it makes it easy to navigate in weightlessness. It is important that fire emanating from the soles, causing damage to enemies – useful if your opponent is hanging on the tail.

In the absence of medical Harrier can put temporary distributors kits that not only podlechat, but also to restore the Allies fuel – at least, if not more important resource. “Ulta” is extremely simple and effective: a large laser that incinerates even for a second “tanks”. But keep in mind that the deadly beam easily escape, so only hit for sure!


Bomshell and Kronos – the most dangerous opponents in the game. Their weapons, combined with the ability to represent a threat to all classes in LawBreakers, and only one competent Titan is able to radically change the course of the game. Who said that “tanks” can not cause major damage?

The main weapon of Titan – the classic rocket launcher: the shells flying at an average speed, but the alternative of fire they can undermine at any time of the flight. A direct hit will knock a huge loss, but it is difficult to achieve. So if it is clear that the projectile hit the target, it can simply undermine near your destination.

Spare no less deadly weapon: Taser with proper accuracy sprays on the molecules of any brisk character and does not require long recharge. His lightning also jump to additional nearby targets.

Titan moves the old fashioned way, rocketjump. But it is better to shoot not just at his feet, and behind his back, with his camera upward – so flights and higher and faster. The two remaining capacity is also indirectly related to the movement. Power jump allows you to quickly change the plane of motion and slow-ming much easier aiming of the rocket.

And about the key ability to remember: it significantly increases the supply of health and able to attack it even berserk and restore.


Dedlok and Helix combine rapid melee attacks with non-stop shooting, multiplied by the high mobility. Good Wraith never stands still – he rushes at transonic speeds, shredding enemies to shreds.

Wraith is armed with two gadgets: an automatic pistol, “Spector” and ballistic blade “Hornet.” The “Spector” terrible rate, but the accuracy is very low – it is necessary to shoot a queue, or at close range. Alternative fire – a small leap forward and hit “Hornet.”

The battle should be combined all at once: a mistimed challenge, all of the gun several times with a knife and a kick. And if it turns a little blade “Hornet”, you can shoot at the enemy – it will explode by itself after a few seconds, but you can also undermine their own bullet.

The one who begins the hunt for the Wraith, would have to bend all the skills and precise targeting instant reaction: there is very difficult to fast hero. Long to keep in sight of the aquatic characters helps a wide viewing angle of the monitor 21h9 – we advise you to increase the FOV at least to 110, if you have not done so.

Wraith key ability is the gravitational wave slows enemies. Ideally you should always try to hurt multiple enemies wave – so you will facilitate the task of not only themselves, but also comrades. The rest of the members of this class – spectacular lone battle to rely solely on the speed and the element of surprise.


Hellion and Kitsune – mobile characters with a unique approach to movement. With close to enemies closer, Assassin can cut their way through the series of opponents in seconds. But it is not so easy as it seems, and competent killer is always worth carefully choose the moment to attack.

Main Assassin weapon – Twin Blades. Striking, the player will put them in a series, in which each successive attack deals more damage than the previous. blades murder restores some health, so try to look out for the wounded enemy advance.

Alternative fire – power hook, the dream of any fan of “Spider-Man.” Thanks to its indispensable Assassin Blitzball speed mode; hitting a hook at the enemy, can be attracted directly to him and cause additional damage to the blades.

But there is better to be careful: while you are trying to lasso an enemy, he certainly has time to stuff your lead. A spare gun, shotgun “Romerus” do a good job if the opponent suddenly turn around. Always remember this.

The main objective of Assassin – quickly and safely to reduce the distance to the enemy. In so doing, it helps jerks and streaming pomegranate, which not only casts opponents, but also rejects the trajectory of shells flying by. The ability is equally good in attack and defense, but causes little damage. Unlike the key ability is magnified Blade Assassin: more damage, more than restored health and highlighting enemies around. The main thing – to choose the right moment.