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Helping to complete the legendary mission of the 7th week of the “Invasion”.

In the seventh week of the Invasion event, Fortnite players were asked to tag alien eggs. It turned out that not everyone could figure out how to do it.

Where to find alien eggs

Eggs can be encountered along the way in many parts of the map.

The surest place to look is in the Holly Hatchery area (marked with a 1 on the map), which is located in the west of the map, and this is where the game itself will poison you. But this is not the best choice, considering that the eggs burst very quickly, as soon as someone approaches them. Chances are, there will be nothing left for you until you get there.

It is best to head southwest of the crater in the center of the island (marked with a 2 on the map). This is the safest place to look. Having started the game, immediately jump there and look for the cherished eggs.

Guide: Where to Find and How to Tag an Alien Egg in Fortnite

An alternate point is Hydrostation 16 (marked with a triplet on the map). Going there, you will definitely find alien eggs on the canvas or platform.

How to tag an alien egg

Everything is simple here. The main thing is not to waste time, because the alien creatures only need a couple of seconds of your presence to hatch. Come not close, but so that the object is clearly visible, and press the button assigned to the enemy’s mark (by default, this is the mouse wheel on the PC or “to the left” on the d-pad of the gamepad).

Guide: Where to Find and How to Tag an Alien Egg in Fortnite

To complete the task, you need to mark only one egg. For completing the quest, you will be given 30,000 XP.

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