Escape Dead Island

With the undead man, as it turned out, he comes in strict accordance with their appearance, either silently removes from the rear, or cuts a samurai sword, blowing caricature fountains enemy’s blood. Shots on goal accompanied with the capacious tokens from the comics: SPLOSH! SPLOSH! HUNK! KA-SPLAT! – zombie party lying at your feet.

At some point the helper character mentions on the radio Bana archipelago – so if the authors report discouraged the player that he was still at this Dead Island. Contrary to the visual hypertrophy, lack of co-op, cel shading graphics and mind from a third party.

After the prologue the situation clears up considerably. The boy Cliff Kyle son of media tycoon, arrives on the neighboring island Bano Narapela to a couple of friends to prepare a report about a zombie epidemic (way to surprise his father).

At the site it appears that the quarantine imposed in the tropics is not in vain: for the county grimly shuffling dozens dead. So between walks and photography motley crew escapes from predatory grins.

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Another trip Cliff.

Chronologically, the spin-off squeezed between the first Dead Island and the sequel to the future (published in 2015), so that the formal game function and the mission of its heroes seem to be the same: to explain how the resort came strain zombie virus. How to write love on the Internet, “really not.”

The tragedy of the island, and especially its prehistory, obviously slightly agitated the minds of the writers Fatshark. Instead, they chose to build the drama around the main character – broad-shouldered frowning reporter who initially sluggish reminds the archetype of the thriller Eli Roth. But then he still revealed in all its tragedy.

The fact is that with peace and mental health of Cliff’s complicated, in the course of the scenario guy and then get crazy risks. For the first time this is clearly seen in the scene where the hero is forced to maneuver in office space among the zombies – this episode contains two interesting subtleties.

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Game trailer.

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Firstly, the open confrontation with monsters quickly leads to the fact that the young man grabs his head, falls to his knees and starts to panic shaking.

For a player suffering hero means to restart the stage, so stealth is justified not only by the fact that “a weak character, and a strong enemy” – there is still something like the mental state of the account.

Second, an important role is played here by phone, placed on the desktop. If your approach to the devices they begin to receive calls, and quickly attracted the sound signal of the dead (it can be used by controlling the movement of the enemies of the office).

Once you accept the challenge, Cliff hears reference to himself: “This is all your fault!”, “You’re not like everyone else!” – and other irrational slogans, filled with the voices of familiar people to him.

Another Cliff consistently attend hallucinations like rushing straight at him train. It happens and memory lapses (and it can travel through space and time – is unclear).

At some point you start to seriously doubt whether there exists any island with zombies and whether the same ninja in a respirator?

Maybe it is the fruit of a sick imagination? Especially in the script lacks meaningful spaces, scenes logic is not always clear – the reality is, in short, threatening diverges at the seams.

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Personally, we cel shading tired in the extreme. And you?

On the gameplay deviation hero, however, are recorded infrequently. For example, after the aforesaid above miniature office protagonist can safely engage in open battle, no longer afraid to go to a fever – Cliff vulnerability, it turns out, was awarded temporary, only for the spectacular horror scene.

But despite the fact that the interest of game situations, tied to the state of the young man, is not so much mental instability outbreaks still serve an important function: significantly diluted journalistic routine.

Extraction of information about the zombie virus is associated with a very tedious task. We’re poking around in old diaries and audio recordings, and even, for example, photographing different places and objects (all you can do more than eighty important frames).

Something intriguing comes up about once an hour, and to take seriously the attempts of the game to tell you about something important does good does not end there – still the main character is not friends with the head, and the world looks like a cross between a comic book with 3D-animation. It is even associated with the original game embarrassing.