South Park Rearguard

Of course: it treasures a great finish that takes us, once again, to live an authentic adventure in South Park, Colorado. It would not be an exaggeration to say that both video games perfectly represent what a game based on an animation series should be. The secret of both products is that the developers make themselves available to the original franchise, never the other way around, as in many other similar exercises.


The artists of Ubisoft San Francisco were clear about what they wanted to do: to pay tribute to the work of Obsidian in the previous installment without neglecting new elements that would give an entity to their work. Already in the first trailer of presentation, Ca


rtman warned that the battle system should change, and the reality is that the errands of the Gauls have taken the colors to the creators of Fallout: New Vegas or Knights of the Old Republic 2 with a system very superior to the original. While in the medieval adventure took advantage of traditional RPG mechanics in simple turns and not risky, in the superheroes has pulled a tactical RPG on a small scale that has been sitting as a glove to his characters.


In what Ubisoft San Francisco has not been able to answer to Obsidian has been in the narrative. The videogame has turned out to have a very s


atisfactory story, but the absence of the original creators of the series in the present project, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, is notorious. In addition, and although La Vara de la Verdad followed the narrative trail marked by the contemporary South Park, Retaguardia en Peligro is disheveled and bets on a somewhat brainless mood that seemed retired in the Comedy Central show. A matter of taste, but I think that, in the end, the merit is that San Francisco has signed a worthy sequel, something that was not easy.


Do the cats vote?

The story takes us shortly after the events in The Rod of Truth: the new boy continues distributing tow in the medieval, but a supposed Cartman of the future disguised as Raccoon urges us to change the game and solve the mystery behind the missing cats in South Park.

 The situation is complicated, since the own masked heroes of Colorado are in an authentic Civil War, reason why the group Mapache and friends operates of independent form to the Colleagues of the Justice. As a new child, you will have to focus your powers
on a series of different categories, but it will be your anal power that will end up being imposed at the end of the day. Thanks to Morgan Freeman’s burritos, your incredible sphincter allows you to stop and rewind time, which you can use at will in battles.


South Park Rearguard in Danger Analysis

Welcome to South Park! The new child is ready for a new adventure in Colorad.

As I already told you, one of the most important points in South Park: Retaguardia en Peligro is in its game system. We will control several characters in the fights, and we will face the enemies in a field of grids with a movement and action in turn. We will do more damage thanks to critics made by QTEand button presses, and we will get a definite attack by mak


ing and receiving a specific amount of damage. The scenarios, in some moments of the adventure, will also enclose specific objectives, extra damages and surprises that it is better that you do not know. Some sections may be somewhat repetitive and do not seem to meet any other objective than to extend the adventure itself artificially, but what is certain is that South Park has found, if the series continues, a matching game system.


South Park Rearguard in Danger PC

Betting on a somewhat brainless mood that seemed retired in the Comedy Central show

We will go up experience as we finish the battles, and each level will allow us to access new objects that define our ability and strength. These elements can be found throughout South Park, but we can also buy them in their stores or create them tha

nks to our mobile phone. For this, we will have to obtain a series of necessary ingredients to create them, which ends up in a coherent and functional mixture between the necessary crafting, the collection and the own level rise system. Creating new artifacts will help us access new levels of creation, which will open doors to new and powerful objects. It is remarkable the wide variety of possibilities that its combination supposes to favor our specialties as a hero.


South Park Rearguard in Danger

The recreation of the mythical and snowy town of Colorado is once again key to development.

I would not like to explain to you which are the characters that we will have available, but what I can tell you is that the list is very broad and the options very different from each other. There will be plenty of winks of all kinds and nature in the final attacks of t


he characters or in the interaction between them during the matches, so it is very likely that you want to try all possible combinations to know what they have to say to each other. The social skills of the new kid will take us to explore all of South Park, in a faithful recreation and at the height of the view in La Vara de la Verdad, in search of followers for our Instagram, here nicknamed as Mapachegram .


Getting selfies and followers will help us to make new friendships, which will give us access to new rewards and the possibility of seeing the hilarious relationship between the different neighbors of South Park in the social network of photographic snapshots. The co


nditions for the characters to access to be your followers will invite you to try new skills and access different challenges that you must meet to enjoy followers. The media clamor of the networks and the $ 100 reward for one of the lost cats will help Mapache and friends make the three intricate phases that make up their universe of movies, Netflix series and parallel products come true.


South Park Rearguard in Danger PC