Epistory – Typing Chronicles

Hello, I’m your muse! 

In the ranks of the Belgian studio Fishing Cactus employs many veterans of the industry, behind which work at Ubisoft has , the SEGA and the Disney . Of course, starting to Epistory – Typing Chronicles , they were not going to limit ourselves to the usual simulator quick printing, disguised as a video game. And come up with a really interesting concept.

Firstly, at the heart of the most iconic mechanics is The Legend of Zelda. We’re playing for a girl who was riding on the Fox travels through forests, fields, mountains, caves and valleys. It explores the world, opening new locations, looking for secrets and treasures, fights with various aggressive insects, solve puzzles, learn magic of four elements, and accumulates experience points to become stronger, faster and have access to places closed earlier – in general, the classic role-playing adventure game on proven recipes.

Secondly, all this cemented an unusual story, atmosphere and style. Maid on fox – is the muse of some writer who writes whether a story, or a story about saving the wizarding world. She is a writer, she tells the story to the extent that as we visit key places. A new location: all of these forests, caves and mountains – grow up right before our eyes from the paper, like origami crafts.

Between the lines…

As expected, all the words spoken narrator, remain in the local paper fields and rivers. They add up to a truly fictional (writer after all!), Sentences and phrases: “The sky is ink, filled with clouds,” “The tomb was very nice – the dignity that comes from sadness” and so on.

But amidst all this periodically erupt voices of the real, not the book world, and in the fields there are other words: “What is happening? Why do not you answer? I tried so hard to get here, and now, it seems to me, he drowns me … ”

Epistory - Typing Chronicles Game Review

I found a chest – just a winner!

As a result, a fairy tale and reality go hand in hand, we learn something new about the writer and most understand that the key events in the game (that is, in the story) is an allegory of the important stages of her life: study, moving to the city, a personal relationship. For example, the water temple here symbolizes years of college.

All this at the same time something reminds Bastion (there was also present the narrator), and Braid A , where a fairy tale about a princess saving has also become a pretext to talk about life, about marriage, midlife crisis, alcoholism …

Paroles, paroles …

The main feature Epistory – Typing ChroniclesThat is, in fact, fast printing, also implemented interesting and unusual. When you are fighting, lights a torch, activate levers to open doors and solve any riddle when retracted various obstacles on the way and reveals chests – all these activities are carried out is through a set of letters on the keyboard. What exactly – specified on each object / enemy.

But words can belong to different elements, and you still need to switch between the types of magic (fire, ice, earth, air), picking up again the appropriate words-keys. Accordingly, in some locations, you simply will not get until you learn the necessary magic.

Words are logical and theme, and there are not very good – some, apparently, are generated randomly. When you hack any mine in the mine to gain additional experience and typing for this “hydromica” or when to activate a switch write consistently “anion / Tesla / network” – is clear. But when you fly or flies aggressive fat caterpillar crawling over her and proudly combination of letters “Bajul / member / shame” or “Yiddish / horseradish / liter,” – here, you will agree, it is a bit ridiculous. Or a lot.

Fingers pistols

However, in key battles you will be no laughing matter. “While playing, all the fingers and the keyboard Stoch broke!” – this is just about Epistory – Typing Chronicles. Arranged important as survival fight in the arena, where you have to survive against waves of enemies. They attack from all sides at once, and you need to print both the right words quickly as possible to kill Sinister, because our heroine dies one touch any enemy.

Epistory - Typing Chronicles Game Review

Some of the puzzles do not require anything to type on the keyboard.

Enemies often belong to different elements. That is, for example, to shoot and kill the magic of ice fly, have to first dial the word “ice”, and then as quickly as possible to print any another “bucket / plush / eater.” Then, from somewhere to the left caterpillar crawl fire, and you have to quickly print “fire” to change to other magic.