Epic Games continues to distribute games for free, next in line – For The King

After the end of the action “12 December proposals”, in the framework of which the users Epic Games Store donated daily for one project, the store resumed the weekly distribution of games.

From January 9 to January 16 to all registered users Egs will be available for free download For the king – A mixture of strategy, rogue-like elements and turn-based battles.

Each passage is unique thanks to the procedural generation of maps, quests and events. Explore Farul in a single or cooperative mode on a local network or through the Internet.

For The King is available on the Epic Games Store for Mac and PC.

Currently, users can download both parts of the reprint Darksiders and simulator STEEP from Ubisoft. The action will last until January 9 and will end at 19 hours Moscow time.

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