If you have played The Binding of Isaac or Nuclear Throne you will already be familiar with what this Enter the Gungon can offer, at least in its base. However, the Dodge Roll game offers some peculiarities that make it different from the two mentioned.


The first and most important, is that despite being a game with dungeons, weapons and enemies generated randomly in each “run” or game-or perhaps precisely because of it, in Gungeon it does not matter what you have but how you use That is, it is a game more dependent on the skill of the player that the fact of having good drops in each area.

Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear

Enter the Gungeon (PC) screenshot

In Binding of Isaac, a run could start badly but as you went into rooms, opening chests, collecting drops from enemies, and so on, there was room for improvement. In Enter the Gungeon this changes, because there are barely a couple of chests per level, the most normal thing is that you only have a key and what you play … played. It can be a defensive object, an amulet or at best an extra weapon, but this happens a few times and it is possible, of course, that it is not particularly good. That is, the game is putting obstacles through this random system so that the important thing is not so much what you wear as how you use it.Enter the Gungeon (PC) screenshot

And is that Gungeon is quite demanding in this regard, to the point that its main mechanics, almost as important as shooting, is to do the ‘dodge roll’, that is, the somersault to dodge projectiles. By doing this we will be invincible during a frame and we will avoid being hit by the dozens of bullets that will be spit out by each of the enemies and more importantly, the bosses.


Although there are other ways to clean the stage, such as using the cartridges that automatically dispel any of those on the screen, the cartwheel is the only free resource that we will have to carry out our mission to survive in the dungeons.

Enter the Gungeon (PC) screenshot

The randomness of the game sometimes leads to the dungeons starting wild and uncontrolled, putting many enemies on the screen without taking into account the start of the phase; The same thing can happen in reverse, of course, but it’s a crazy and frenetic


game, which does not give a quarter. All in all, like the best rogue-likes, it offers absolute control over what it poses and gives the basic tools to counteract


anything that comes our way . Or almost anyone. For the scenarios, for example, we found some tables that we can throw down and use coverage. Also, placing ourselves behind walls or throwing enemies to pits can be good options when the most conventional route fails.Enter the Gungeon (PC) screenshot

Enter the Gungeon is a numbers game. Of counts of deaths, good and bad games, vices without rest and variety, because yes, it is true that the start is a little hard, partly because of the economic system of the game – we will find very, very few bullets that serve as an


exchange to buy items in the store, at the price of gold-, as we progress and discover that we can run into more than a hundred objects, as well as different weapons -some good, others nefarious; It depends on luck – the game itches to keep playing over and over again.


For example, a game can be found in a chest a weapon that is lethal, kill the heads of five shots, while in the worst case we will be caught with the basic gun throughout the run.

Enter the Gungeon (PC) screenshot

You also have to take into account one detail, and that is that the dungeons are full of secrets. From hidden rooms in which we can meet with hearts to restore life, chests or -however- more enemies, even people who join our cause by opening a store in the initial castle


or giving small advice. From this command center is where we can choose one of four characters with whom to start in the adventure, each of them with its particularities.


For example, the Marine has a helmet that gives him an extra point of defense, the Convicta goes crazy after receiving an impact and greatly enhances his shots, the Pilot dodges better and the Slayer has a crossbow as a second weapon and goes escorted for a dog that can find hidden treasures.Enter the Gungeon (PC) screenshot

To all the above, which is not little, we add a multiplayer mode only enjoyable locally. The handicap? The second player can not choose a character, but he will have to use a prefixed one that adds some extra mechanics, like the possibility of dissipating bullets every s


ix seconds and in this way serve as a human shield once he dies. Of course, as always on PlayStation 4 – unlike the PC version, we can take advantage of this functionality in online cooperative mode through the Share Play tool, without necessarily the other person has the title.


A detail, obvious on the other hand: playing with someone, the difficulty is scale but the dropping of the chests and enemies, so you have to be careful.