Elite: the Dangerous

A year ago, thousands of players go surf the vast expanses of space in Elite: the Dangerous . Revived thanks to Kickstarter «elite” in general justified expectations. It is the same harsh, hardcore simulator space wanderer that requires total commitment, not forgiving mistakes and reluctant Something tells. Space here – a bottomless and black (400 billion star systems), the control – a complex, and freedom – is almost absolute. Still, it was felt that the game still many missing.

In the summer it was announced that the development of large-scale additions called Horizons , which should bring into play a lot of new opportunities. True, it was decided to split into pieces. And the first thing released expansionLandings Planetary , which allows you to land on the planet.

From the ship – in a buggy! 

In addition to meditation during long flight to the black, frightening space in Elite: Dangerous is still possible to trade or plunder merchants hunt for pirates or to take part in armed raids, as well as carry out missions for the different factions, raising their reputation with them.

The Horizons to this is added the possibility to land on airless planet. Such local virtual galaxy 60% – according to the study are available hundreds of billions of celestial bodies generated in Forge Stars.

However, you first need to install on board a special boarding unit and get a cross-country car Scarab SRV – is behind the wheel of the buggy you will move on the surface of planets. After disembarking the ship can be released into orbit – it looks great, filling you with pride for your such a beautiful and big spaceship.

But even more impressive are, of course, the first landing, when you get out of the depths of space to some of the planet, enters the atmosphere and fly over spotted by ruts, hills and craters surface. You feel a sort of cosmic Christopher Columbus …

Entertain yourself!

However, for a long time to relax and stare at the sides is not necessary. The game still combines the beauty, scale and realism. When planting is necessary to consider that the celestial bodies generate their own gravitational field, the force of gravity – your vehicle, especially very heavy, can easily and against the will of the pilot to pull down. Cope with the nimble and bouncy buggy initially also not so easy.

Even at top speed you need to at least 10 Earth days (if you have enough fuel) to drive around the entire surface of one planet, – the celestial bodies, as the authors argue, also played in 1: 1 scale.

Do not expect that you will be hard with something to entertain. While all basically boils down to the search and scan “points of interest” – there are helpful resources or shipwrecks with valuable container. After accumulating enough resources, you can build some “upgrade” to the ship.

In addition, the stations will now give special missions which require landing on the planet – save the pilot, crashed, pick up some cargo lost or get into a rare settlement (base) and connect to the data channel. The promise of the “deadly bout” on the surface while, as a rule, be reduced to enhanced firing of the turret mounted on the SRV, by sufficiently harmless drones.

Elite: Dangerous - Horizons.  Planetary Landings game review

Flight over the surface of the planets gives a completely new feel.



Yes, the developers offer again patience. Future extensions of Horizons , scheduled for 2016 th year, they promise to add a lot of new things: a system of “Trophies and” crafting “,”

Mode “Several crews” that allows players to take on different roles on board the total ship to run fighter for the protection of the main vessel, new jobs, and so on. But it is now clear that the Elite: Dangerous is slowly but surely developing. And develops in a very right direction.