Before we go, however, in further explanations we provide you with a quick overview of the events. We are at Magalan, a planet that once looked to the future before a meteor fell on the entire ecosystem causing mass destruction. Those who survived the catastrophe now live a constant survival war and a battle to decide the future and destiny of the entire planet.

At the heart of this struggle is the elex, a very limited resource and therefore very valuable that has been carried by the meteor, which has left it to an inheritance to a people already quite devastated by misery. Elex can feed any type of machine, give magic powers and even give life. Depending on how it is used, this resource can be both harmful and useful, and in how every citizen who respects Magallan has also formed factions ready to fight for the cause of their own moral.

The protagonist is a former member of the Albs, a group of people who decided to use the elex to get rid of any kind of emotion and feeling, providing only a bottomlessness capable of pushing exclusively to actions dictated by a very stable logic. After starting a fortune landing for a malfunction of his jetpack, the protagonist begins searching for the helmet to retrieve the homecoming, interfering for the first time with an outside world that causes him mixed feelings that will push ours to to become a traitor in all respects.

THE’ELEX in short, it is to be appreciated and curious, especially in order to see the need for short-range survival in the eyes and dialogues of all the various actors in the story, all eager to get a part of the most sought-after resource.

In addition, all the various NPCs we encountered had a full story to tell, a tortuous past that gave them the status of warriors and successful men, but we were able to appreciate even the most familiar and therefore more introspective of other vicissitudes of the story, all in need of a social success to be poured into a highly disillusioned and miserable personal life.

From this point of view the work done by Piranha Bytes is really mastodontic, because in one hour of gameplay we have been able to find as many details as possible, interact with the most disparate and desperate characters, starting with a prostitute who entertained his clients and ending with an arrogant and presumptuous king of the waste hill.

As in any RPG that respects the characterization of the environment, the strength of the world around us is tangible and palpable, for the joy of those who want to identify themselves in the world they come across.


To die in May, it takes courage
Let us return to discuss the open world. Too often we find ourselves in front of vast and huge meadows that allow us to run from here and there freely, but as often we find ourselves to find too many open worlds with very few elements from them: ELEX is a middle ground between the two realities, because in what we can call camps, we have found so many things to do and actions to accomplish, while in the roads connecting an outpost to another there is a great deal of nothing to come before.

During our test, we decided to spend as much time as possible in one of the camps where we were called to make way for battle between the arenas and accepted positions in order to win the trust of the head of the guards.