ELEX, analysis

ELEX arrives with the shadow of the Gothic sagavery presentin the minds of those who have been waiting for its release since it was announced.

So much so, that it is not strange to conceive this new title as an evolution of the original formula proposed by Piranha Bytes at the beginning of th

is century, with key differences such as that mixture of fantastic and futuristic medieval ambience. The truth is that it is not a very distant image of wha

t the game is really,logical and remarkable evolution of what is seen at the playable level throughout the Risen saga.


Forging a legend

Magalan was a prosperous and advanced land until the impact of a comet forced her to be reborn from her ashes. The men, deprived of the social structures and the technological means that directed their previous lives, are repopulating and recove

ring the control of the land, founding new populations with values ​​and ways of seeing life very characteristic and differentiated from each other, what also gives rise to to disputes between them. But the appearance of a new element around which all hum

an action will turn will be especially important: the Élex, a substance with a power out of the ordinary that will govern the events of the first centuries of history after the cataclysm, and that will also motivate the greatest rivalries between the

different peoples of men. It is not clear if this element came with the comet from outer space or if it was already in the bowels of the earth and the impact only dispersed it, making it visible, but its discovery marks an era in which we have participated.

We incarnated Jax, commander of the Albos, the most advanced and technologically powerful faction that is willi


ng to reduce all the others to take all the existing Élex in Magalan. Fanatics of the Hybrid cult, being superior that is nourished continuously of this substance and in the name of which they trust to be the chosen people to carry out th

e following evolutionary ladder of the human being, they use Élex for everything: they consume it to suppress their feelings, trust


ing in the power of the purest logic ; they use it to develop first-rate weapons technology; they offer it to the Hybrid to win their favor and, of course, use it as a bargaining chip, something that all factions have in common.

When Jax is introduced to the player, we see him piloting a bomber that is attacked and shot down. Without time to react, Kallax, anoth


er alb of high rank, appears to execute the sentence that must be suffered by anyone who fails in a mission: death. His mistake becomes evident when we take control of the commander and we see that, although weakened and stripped of his belongings, he is very much alive. However, from the moment that consciousness returns to Jax we ca


n only find reasons for intrigue and revenge in his head: what happened with Kallax was very strange and something smells like chamusquina, things will have to be clarified. And, of course, the looter who has taken advantage of his dying s


tate to take his armor must be found and executed. ButMagalan is a huge and very dangerous place for a single man and unarmed , so it seems that the road to his purposes will take many turns and will include many more top-level actors.

elex_05.jpg screenshot

Human warmth and cold freedom.

Not even a Commander Albo can completely use himself to travel through all the regions of the continent, let alone one that is under t


he influence of the Élex monkey and tries to get used to what it means to feel emotions. Not only do beasts and looters lurk, omnipresent dangers for any adventurer, but everywhere there is a special grudge against those dehumanized people


who are willing to wipe out everything and everyone to extract and possess every last drop of Élex. Therefore, to establish friendship with members of other factions and to be careful when relieving data from our past will be a constant. Cities are, in general, very quiet places where nobody will try anything a


gainst us without previous reasons, so they give us the opportunity to stock up, look for allies and gain experience and money by completing commissions.

The cities usually belong to a certain faction, although there are places where people live independently of their origin. The life that is breathed in them depends to a great extent on the actions that we carry out, since we can interfere in many private ma


tters and resolve them in very diverse ways that can raise grudges and sympathies in equal parts, and not only toward us, but also among the very characters NPCs that maintain rivalries among themselves. The best of all this is to feel that our beh


avior influences our environment, something that can be extended to the future of a story that will depend to a large extent on our actions .

eex_03.jpg Screenshot