Eight square meters is enough for everyone: The new DLC for The Sims 4 will add small apartments

Publishing house Electronic arts decided to release another DLC for The sims 4, which will add the opportunity to purchase a small living space for your character. Prior to this, only large real estate was allowed to be acquired.

As stated in the company, gamers themselves asked them to add small apartments. The size of the new housing will be from 100 cells or less. In addition, the developers have released another set of furniture.

“In addition to more friendly accounts, smaller spaces are good for developing relationships, and you will also have a lot of free space in the courtyard for the garden,” the message said.

Note that due to rising real estate prices in a number of large states and US cities, local residents are faced with the inability to rent or buy apartments and houses. As a result, some enthusiasts began opening capsule hotels and even communal apartments.

As for Russia, in the fall of 2019 in Moscow began to sell apartments of 11 square meters. And in 2016 in Novosibirsk they found an apartment of eight square meters, which was located in the Prostorny microdistrict.

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