Earthlock: Festival of Magic

Between important locations we move around the map, which is also walking and probable opponents – some huge crabs, aggressive flowers, elementals and other prominent members of the local bestiary. Enemies are visible at once, and you are free to either try to avoid meeting with them, or, on the contrary, strive to meet in search of experience and money.

Sami battles take place in the usual fans of the genre turn-based mode, when the characters are facing each other and waiting for their turn to attack the target foe, use a skill, drink the potion, ‘check or transfer it to another. According to the results we obtain experience all sorts of useful bells, resources and money, which then can be purchased from the merchants even more potions and resources.

Elements and racks

In the usual scheme of the authors we have added a few more or less fresh ideas. So, on the world map, you can deliberately provoke enemies and collect their “locomotive” – ​​the more enemies in battle, the more bonus experience. In the very same battles using interesting mechanics associated with the change of racks. Each of them opens their skills and techniques.

The simplest example: one rack is designed for close combat, the other – in the future. One Amon hits enemies with a dagger or steal their money and jewels in the middle of a fight, as well as the ability to use that increases his reflexes. In another – takes in the work-worn hands blaster and shoot the flying enemies.

Racks have to be changed frequently, adjusting to the concrete situation, and this contributes to battle extra tactical drive. Especially considering that in each combat positions there are still different superpriomy and skills (eg, burst shot for all opponents), which opened upon completion of successful operations.

In addition, in the fights it is necessary to take into account the resistance of a particular element, and select the right weapons and the correct skills – for example, in the desert of fire elementals most effectively fill with water blaster.

Earthlock: Festival of Magic Game Review

Periodically, the heroes are trying to joke. Sometimes they do.

The Garden of Forking Paths

is not quite usual in Earthlock: Festival of Magic looks like role-playing system. New levels will automatically increase only the most basic characteristics of heroes, as well as give one point skills.

And then you open a special table talents are divided into different cells. One point for skills can be improved attack, defense, dodge, and so on. In the other – to activate the passive “perk”, in the third – to get new talent.

The catch is that, without revealing the previous cell with statistical “upgrade”, will not work to get to the one that gives some new capacity. If desired, “upgrades”, “perks” are allowed to be replaced, and talents to others to adjust so that the character development. True, we need more special rolls and slabs of talents that can “knock out” of the “bosses”, found in chests or personally make of expensive resources.

And here it must be said about the “crafting” – it is also not without its peculiarities. At Amon and his friends have their own base, which needs to be developed.

There we rest and sleep, restoring health, produce the new plates talents and buy the ingredients for them. And still are conducting garden land. Yes, there is a garden, which grows a variety of plants (they will be useful for creating a variety of potions and ammunition for ranged weapons). And you have the right to water flora and even the “pump” all these flowers, bushes.

Add to this the pleasant music, high-quality graphics, excellent artistic taste and style, and you get a really interesting role-playing game, made diligent Norwegians.

They were able to combine many of the traditions of the genre with its own findings, complex tactical battles and the need to maintain garden land. And supplemented it unbanal puzzles and unusual situations where, for example, you need to run through the desert, quickly moving from one shade to another, so as not to pass out from dehydration.