EA bans players in BattleField V if they play on Linux – review

As you know, the vast majority of games run normally only under Windows. However, there are those who use Linux and want to play Battlefield v. As it turned out, there are problems with this.

It is reported that players who “sit” on Linux, bans Electronic arts. The bottom line is that the rules of multiplayer games prohibit the use of DXVK – an implementation of Direct3D on Vulkan, which allows you to run games. It is built into Wine and other systems.

In this case, the ban is permanent. That is, even switching to Windows does not cancel the account lockout. The company confirmed that they would not remove the ban, although the victims openly wrote to EA that they used Wine. The most interesting thing is that developers do not oppose Linux in principle.

Also note that DXVK works reasonably well with Battlefield 1, Banas were not reported there. Therefore, it remains only to speculate why this happened to the “five”.