DuckTales Remastered

Before Capcom forgot his glorious past and chose to diversify with experiences such as the Free to Play of Los Pitufos aimed at mobile terminals; or choose to plagiarize your downloadable DLC content games. Before all that, Capcom was one of the most outstanding and competent developers of the videogame industry. Everything that went from their offices, to the smallest of orders, wasted quality and good work on all four sides.


Among the legion of titles developed by the glorious Capcom of the 80/90 is the game that concerns us: DuckTales ,


title whose remastering finally works in our power. Originally released in 1989 for NES, the immortal 8-bit Nintendo, DuckTales (based on the unforgettable homonymous animation series) delighted everyone who tried it, becoming one of the references of a genre, the platforms, then immersed in the epicenter of a glorious and unrepeatable golden age.

The announcement of the title that concerns us, carried out during the PAX East event held a few months ago, surprised people and strangers for many reasons.


Not only because an a priori not so prominent title within the classic curriculum of the Japanese company enjoy a re-launch before more famous games such as, say, a Ghouls’n Ghosts or a Three Wonders, but also because this relaunching is not limited to taking the original ROM, putting a filter so that the pixels do not sing so much in

he current HD TV, and make up the set with a few menus in high definition. Thus, instead of what happened in titles like Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of


Mystara or Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 , the audiovisual section of DuckTales has been redone from scratch, being completely adapted to the new times as it happened a few years ago with the indispensable Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD.

DuckTales - Remastered (PS3) screenshot

One wonders, given the relative failure of pitches such as DarkStalkers Resurrection(another example of short / paste ROMs, filter the result and run), if Capcom should not completely rethink its policy of relaunching classics from the past and directing it more towards the terrain SSFIITHD / DuckTalesthat to which it has been until now predominant note.


And that is how these games would enter more through the eyes of the new generations of gamers, inviting them therefore to give the download button, while those nostalgic that (let’s not fool ourselves) and throw emulator (or the original material for anyone who has that luck) when it comes to enjoying these titles, we would have an inescapable incentive to host them


on the hard drive of our consoles. But anyway, let’s leave the dream of enjoying, for example, a Capcom Vs. SNK 2 completely remastered in what is still a dream, and let’s focus on what concerns us. DuckTales has returned to the consoles, and does it in the best possible way.

My name is Pato, Gil Pato

Disney, a company that currently seems to be immersed in one of its best (and most voracious) eras, had a particularly bad time during the 80s. Interestingly, the highlights of that time were its comics(even without Marvel of course, of course), with a whole


universe of fiction built over several decades that gave rise to stories of the most entertaining, endowed with a quality background at the narrative and narrative level impossible to find today day in publications aimed at minors. Although most of the main characters of those stories were their classic characters taken from the short films


and feature films from their golden age, there were many characters created specifically to appear in this universe of paper, among which already from the outset


highlighted Scrooge McDuck(Known by many other names in the countries to which his adventures were coming, being the most familiar to the Spaniards that of Gil Pato or Uncle Scrooge), the stingy and enormously affluent uncle of the popular Donald Duck .

Chests, blocks, jumps and damn enemies.  The ABC of all good platforms.
Chests, blocks, jumps and damn enemies. The ABC of all good platforms.

The popularity of Gilito grew to the point of ending up overshadowing his iconic nephew, and even allowed himself the luxury of starring in a great series of animation that, from 1987 to 1990 and with the name of Pato Aventuras (DuckTales in the original), it delighted big and small over 4 seasons that totaled a total of 100 episodes and an animated feature film.


The DuckTales of NES was obviously a game born as a result of the success of the series, and in it worked developers of the caliber of Tokuro Fujiwara(responsible for the saga Ghosts’ n Goblins)


or Keiji Inafune(the man in charge of the Mega Man series for many years). The result, as we noted above, was that of an extraordinary platform that had a remarkable conversion to Game Boy and a subsequent sequel.