DreamHack Valencia 2017 Smite Tournament

The time is upon us. Popular MOBA Smite is reaching the end of its fourth season. The summer finals are fast approaching, with the quarter finals, semi finals, and finals taking place this past weekend at DreamHack Valencia in Valencia, Spain. A total of $200,000 in prize money will find its way into the pockets of the top teams. With teams from Europe and North and South America participating, this weekend’s upcoming tournament will feature a total of twelve competing teams (eight in the pro league and four in the console league). With that said, we’re going to take a look at the results of the DreamHack Valencia Pro League Summer Finals.


Pro League Bracket

1 – Team Diginitis vs. Black Dragons (2-0)

In the opening set of DreamHack Valencia, Diginitis faced off against Black Dragons. Team Diginitis (EU) came out swinging hard, taking the first two (out of three) matches. Black Dragons (SA) fell to the loser bracket via a sweep and will reap a $7,500 pot for placing below 5th. Team Diginitis will compete against the winner of bracket two (Trifecta or NRG ESports) tomorrow during the semi-final bracket. This gives the EU the first spot in the semi-finals of its four competing teams. Coming in to today, Team Diginitis was the league favorite and number one seed with a 5-1-1 record (16 points) and proved their worth yet again.


2 – Trifecta vs. NRG ESports (1-2)

Duking it out in the second match of the day, Trifecta and NRG ESports battled three hard fought matches. The teams required the last match to decide a victor, but NRG ESports (EU) conquered Trifecta (NA) in the end. Trifecta will leave with a nice $7,500 consolation prize, while NRG ESports will face the perfect Team Diginitis in the opening bracket of the semi finals tomorrow. That victory brings the EU into two of the top four brackets. Trifecta, the second place North American team (4-2-1, 14 points) was upset by NRG ESports, the third place EU team (3-4-0, 13 points).


3 – Space Station Gaming vs. Team Rival (0-2)

The third bracket of Thursdays match resulted in a sweep of SSG (NA) by the underdog Team Rival (EU). The biggest upset of the early bracket, Team Rival (2-3-2, 9 points) toppled the top North American seed Space Station Gaming (4-2-1, 14 points). Surprising much of Smite fans abroad, Team Rival will advance to top off the second bracket of the semi final against the winner of Thursday’s final bracket (either Obey Alliance or Luminosity).


4 – Obey Alliance vs. Luminosity (2-0)

Lumosity (NA) and Obey Alliance (EU) will face off in the final bracket of Thursday’s DreamHack Valencia tournament. The loser will leave with a $7,500 consolation prize while the winner will go on to face Team Rival in the semi finals. At the time of writing, Luminosity was facing a losing battle in the first match. Should Obey Alliance come out victorious, the EU will have swept the first day of DreamHack Valencia. Obey Alliance placed second in the summer split (4-3-0, 15 points) while Luminosity placed third (3-3-1, 12 points) in the North American standings.


Console League Bracket

1 – Obey Alliance vs. Astral Authority (1-2)

Taking the first NA victory of the tournament, Astral Authority completed the console victory over Obey Alliance for Thursday’s Console League semi final matchup. The win places Astral Authority in the championship bracket. They’ll face off against the winner of Friday’s semi final matchup between Team Rival and Soar Gaming to bring home the $20,000 Console League championship prize.


That about caps day one of the DreamHack Valencia tournament in beautiful Valencia. Check back with us to see the tournament results, prize winnings, and more. Tune in to Twitch’s Hi-Rez channel to watch the tournament live, or keep up with the tournament as it progresses over at https://www.hirezstudios.com/dreamhack-2017/smite-pc-summer-finals/.

May the best gods win.

Day Two – Pro League Bracket Semi Finals

1. Team Diginitis vs. NRG ESports (3-0)

Coming in as the league favorites, Team Diginitis dismantled NRG ESports in a sweet sweep. It was the dominant performance most expected from the number one seed, and they pushed out their fierce competition with a seeming ease. Team Diginitis started off day two of the DreamHack Valencia tournament with a bang, solidifying their place in Smite pro league finals on Saturday.

2. Team Rival vs. Obey Alliance (3-1)

Coming in as the underdog, Team Rival surprised tourney viewers around the world by coming out on top of Obey Alliance. Just a day after dismantling Space Station Gaming, the number one North American seed, Team Rival further proved the quarter finals victory was no mistake. Saturday’s finale against Team Diginitis is shaping up to be a memorable one.

Day Two – Console League Bracket Semi Finals, pt. 2

1. SoaR Gaming vs. Team Rival (0-2)

Team Rival flexed its console might by sweeping SoaR Gaming (NA) on Friday’s sole semi final match up. After taking the victory by winning the first two matches, Team Rival will face Astral Authority in Saturday’s Console League finals.


Day Three – Pro League Bracket Finals

Team Diginitis vs. Team Rival (3-2)

The Smite summer split Pro League was shaping up to be a nail biter the moment we saw the final two contenders. Both Team Diginitis and Team Rival handedly defeated their semi-final counterparts, with just one loss between the two teams (and six wins). Coming in to the championship match Saturday, Team Diginitis was the favored seed and proved why, shaking down Team Rival (who put up one hell of a fight) in the finals, requiring the very last match to decide the victor. Congratulations are in order to Team Diginitis as they pulled out the victory and the $60,000 first place prize, and a mighty hand toward Team Rival for making DreamHack Valencia 2017 a Smite tournament to remember.


Day Three – Console League Bracket Finals

Astral Authority vs. Team Rival (3-0)

In the intense finale of the Console League DreamHack Valencia tournament, Astral Authority took home the sole North American victory while sweeping the impressive Team Rival in a best of five match up. Congratulations are in order to both teams, as Astral Authority brings home the $20,000 grand prize. With that, DreamHack Valencia 2017 Summer Split finishes its tournament in style.