And, most likely, even love her. Because if you do not like, almost certainly due to the fact that just do not like JRPG in principle. In this genre DQ if not Pushkin is our everything-and not Leo Tolstoy, then, at least, Dostoevsky. Bright representative, influenced the formation, add adjectives to taste. The second reason – you have no idea what kind of animal, what it eats, and whether or not to try at all.

Review of Dragon Quest VIII

The first came with the question “How’s it on portativki?”. The answer, without delaying Dear Sir – on portativki it perfectly. No worse than the stationary console. In many ways, better. Not sure how to the most beautiful game of the series coping capacity usual Nintendo 3DS (I played the New-audit and the brakes did not see). However, it is completely absent feature 3D and you can gently suggest that she sacrificed just for the sake of performance.

Although some data from all users of the console this function are only two people. One of them is me. If among the readers wormed second – hold on, brother, we’re in flight. For the rest – no great loss. Especially against the background that added in the reprint. A change was poured with a slide.

This, of course, not the changes that have been in the recent remake of the seventh. If there is a game completely redrawn, here played the original will notice the difference immediately.

They, differences, dot. But it is very, very important: there twirled interface, there is removed unnecessary restrictions, it just made more convenient. If you believe the developers, then it’s just a state of “differences in the re-release of the mass, but the player does not even notice them at first,” the highest award for them. Well, if that was the goal, then it is reached.

Review of Dragon Quest VIII

The portable version has become more convenient. On the second screen rendered map – area or the world (depending on where the player is now). Here there were “hot teams”: such as “talk to party members,” “summon mount” or “cause alchemy screen.” Previously, these actions had to climb on the menu (I must say that the piling up of menus and sub – series is an ugly disease in general) and I must admit, even despise talking with the team – do not want to waste time. Now, the button can be drawn zhmyaknut at any time and it turned out that I have a lot to lose.

About as I have for a long time ignored alchemy, which is now also recompiled. Memory, of course, I can sum up (the game has a lot of years, and although the last time I ran it a little bit later, it still had a few periods back), if not right, then drop me a line in the comments.

But before alchemy also hiding in the submenu of a submenu is strictly tied to the wagon (ie, use could be just outside the city – as bequeathed friend Heisenberg). A more demanding expectations: mix the ingredients and wait until the “cooking” will be completed. Now, the menu can be accessed in one step, at any time, and the process will take place immediately. Light seemingly touches. However, the gods as far as crafting was useful to become easier and more convenient!

Review of Dragon Quest VIII

It would be necessary, of course, correct, and some other things. It would be desirable, for example, get rid of dreary swarming in the inventory and the process of moving subjects.

Or about the development of skills that each of the characters there are several possible specializations that can be pumped. But here it would be necessary to add the ability to see what skills they give – in fact their tree looks like a list of names did not speak anything. Either have to swing at random or refer to Hyde on the Web.

While all of this stuff and not so important. Lots of things earlier irritated, yet disappeared. Just what, in fact, expect from the reissue: developers understand the fact that time does not stand still, and you need to make adjustments to the wind.

Preserve the dignity, to remove the shortcomings. All of this is. If so love DQ VIII – can safely play. If you started on PS2, but stumbled on something and left – an excellent opportunity to try again.

Review of Dragon Quest VIII