Dragon Ball Xenoverse

To perform this analysis has been used a final version of Dragon Ball Xenoverse on PlayStation 4, so that its contents correspond to the new generation version of the game and not with those that appeared on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. We will update the text in case if necessary, if they were not up to the next-gen game.


Those responsible for the miracle are Dimps , creators of games such as Street Fighter IV, the Dragon Ball Z Budokai saga and a handful of titles of the genre that have always stood out for their game mechanics. And the reason why


Xenoverse works is because it has been raised as a beginning of something, instead of a continuation of what already exists, thus creating a


foundation on which to build a new franchise that will be expanded over time with downloadable content. or with numbered deliveries that add enough relevant content. But starting at the beginning, where does Xenoverse start ?


Initially, with an unknown threat that plans to check the history of Goku and company as we know it. Trunks, from the future, asks for helpShenron and this gives him the power of a warrior who will be able to turn the tortilla and will watch over the entire known universe.


Of course, this warrior is us, because we are allowed to choose one of five races to create a custom character that will be used exclusively during the entire main campaign. The editor

Dragon Ball: Xenoverse (PS4) screenshot
Dragon Ball: Xenoverse (PS4) screenshot Dragon Ball: Xenoverse (PS4) screenshot

It starts from the moment we decide to be a Monster-like Bu-, a Terrico-think of Videl or Krillin-, a Saiyan -Goku and family-, a Namekiano -Piccolo- or a member of the Freezer race. Except for these two last options, the three previous ones allow to choose also the sex (man or woman), a decision that will have an impact especially on the aesthetic level.


Given the first step, we can select numerous variations for hair types, shape of the face, eyes, nose, mouth, and so on. The idea is that we can create our warrior Zwithout too many restrictions, and it works well in this sense also offering the choice of colors (skin, iris, etc.), type of voice, in addition to the name and focus we want to give our character, that is, if we want


to hit strongly body to body, or if on the contrary we prefer to attack from afar. Created our avatar, we arrive at the Toki Toki city , where we will spend the rest of the game. After a tutorial with Trunks we are finally free to explore and discover that we


are part of the Time Patrol , the goal being to return things to normal at a time when someone – or something – is interfering with the official canon: manipulating time, in other words.

Xenoverse is sustained at the narrative level in its construction of the new reality, in the alteration of historical events such as the battle with


Raditz that ended the life of Goku at the hands of Piccolo, or the saga of the androids and the way in which Cell was He took advantage of them to evolve to his final form. In this aspect, the game’s story works like a fanfic


without pointing to the term as something pejorative, but pointing to the variations as an extension of the “What would happen if …?” executed with an imaginative innocent more typical of the fans than those responsible for working with the official license. In the plotWe will discover, from the saga of the Raditz to the defeat of Bu, with an annex dedicated to Bills -villano of


The Battle of the Gods-, who is behind all this and why our warrior is able to move from a point to another of the universe and at different times to put an end to this absurd attack by a higher entity. The important thing, to determine if the game works like ‘narration’,


can be answered with a single syllable: yes. Not a categorical and categorical affirmation because some of the facts that are put on the table are questionable, but in general, there is a good work on the part of the writers to give a breath of fresh air to Akira Toriyama’s canon.

Dragon Ball: Xenoverse (PS4) screenshot
Dragon Ball: Xenoverse (PS4) screenshot Dragon Ball: Xenoverse (PS4) screenshot

It is important to clarify this point because we are facing a game that somehow never abandons the narrative. As we say, Toki Toki does not just work as the core of the story mode; in truth, it is that the futuristic city to which we are sent is the epicenter of


Xenoverse and absolutely everything we will do from here. Being trapped in this area and not being able to move through menus in the traditional style (the game modes on the main screen, in other words) everything seems much more compact and the axis on which


Xenoverse orbits is the story. We will progress through it gradually from the Nest of Time, unblocking parchments in several Z sagas, adding – as we have mentioned – Bills’ to complete the game; As an extra, we found an extra chapter with Bardock and


Broly which we will access after collecting five special crystals throughout the game. In these combats of the story mode we always control, without exception, our warrior created from scratch in the editor, so we will have to improve it as much as possible by


gaining experience and using the attribute points they give us to improve the damage done , the power of our ki bursts, resistance or vitality. The maximum level is 80 , being able to create a true beast if we dedicate enough time for it.