Dragon Ball FighterZ, the return of C-16 for story mode

The birth of C-16
Dr. Gero was the chief scientist of the Red Flush Army, of which he was also one of the founding members. After the defeat of the organization, which took place in the first series of Dragon Ball, man decides to withdraw from the scenes and disappear in the shadows to work on a new project: create the ultimate wrestler.
After studying for years Goku and his comrades, he decides to create cyborgs that will be able not only to replicate, but also to overcome the warriors of Earth. That’s how it begins to produce robust, but also extremely capricious, robots – what Dr. Gelo does not consider is that cyborgs have a character, just like people, and this makes them unpredictable.
That is why all cyborgs up to No. 15 are destroyed by the scientist, who does not trust enough of his own creations. Most of them were fully artificial android, but Dr. Gero changes the method with C-17 and C-18: the two are, in fact, were once children, two brothers kidnapped by Dr. Gero to be transformed into cyborg. To be fully artificial, however, is C-16.
The giant cyborg’s green suit only comes to life thanks to the will of the treacherous Dr. Gero, but perhaps for the first time he shows a heart: C-16 has the appearance of his son, an officer of the Army of the Army Red Bow, dead on the field .
In a gesture of unusual affection for his personality, Dr. Gero decides to equip C-16 with a quiet and almost peaceful personality, even though he has, like the others, the order to kill Goku. The choice of the scientist is due to the fact that, with his personality, the C-16, unlike the others, will accept the defeats and save lives if necessary while the others will fight until death.
 Dragon Ball FighterZ, the return of C-16 for story mode
The cyborg saga
Dr. Gero, initially, is reluctant to activate his creations, and uses only the use of C-19. When the situation forces him to activate C-17 and C-18, his fears prove to be well-founded: it does not take long before the two Androids, bored by their creator, decide to kill him and act on his own initiative.
And one of their first actions is to activate C-16. The two decide to test their power, knowing that he should be the theoretically the most powerful of all cyborgs
C-16, however, does not seem to be interested in fighting at all: on the contrary, the android seems to be more interested in the surrounding nature. She is kind and affectionate with any form of life, from animals to humans, in an open contrast to the violent and ruthless nature of her two similar .
His personality dispels all of them, starting with Trunks of the future: the boy did not know C-16 because, in his timeline where the cyborg had killed every person he loved, he had not been activated. Perhaps, if it had been activated, cyborg would have prevented all this destruction, and at least contained the two companions, compensating their guerrilla character with their goodness of mind: these are, however, speculations that in the manga do not find a response.
Another proof of his peaceful personality we have during a fight between C-17 and Z warriors, where C-16 refuses to intervene, and indeed finds rather sorry that the fright of the battle has turned away the birds . Although belonging to the “bad guys” of the cyborg saga, then the C-16 is actually part of a self-contained category, as the android never really opens up with a faction, but always defends every life form, even of his two comrades androids.