Dragon Age: Inquisition

In the third part of the authors we returned to the familiar concept: in the center of the story – again elected, who in one person embodies and the last hope of mankind, and the power, capable to change the world. Making such a hackneyed cliché tune up with new colors – that’s true talent BioWare.

The Inquisitor does not remember where it came from a mysterious mark on his arm, but he knows how to use it for good.

The Inquisition in great evil role is played by a huge hole in the sky, constantly spewing hordes of demons – and only a miracle-hand (do not laugh), the protagonist is able to “patch up” bruised skies. It is not surprising that rumors about such a remarkable ability to instantly spread throughout Thedas – here it is, they say, the messenger Andraste that all save!

As Shepard, who ignored the Citadel Council, political parties do not recognize the Inquisitor. However, to make your voice your significant, in contrast to the same Shepard, still as capable. The challenge, however, is not easy: the sword and need to work, and with the nobility to the ball dance.

What are some of the heroes of the phrase, taken out of context: “Do not pay any attention to your ass in the sky, the sun!”

The main theme of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Solve worldly problems will not have alone. The Dragon of Age: Inquisition : you’ll meet nine companions; You can miss each other with them or refuse their help – then Inquisitor hold the game in the company of Cassandra, Varric and SOLAS.

But hardly you will want to build from a touchy person. Still, what BioWare has always won over, so it is a careful study of each character, especially teammates hero. With someone you constantly argue, someone will find a true friend, and someone even fall in love – remain indifferent simply impossible!

What are some phrases Gentlemen only, taken out of context: “Do not pay any attention to your ass in the sky, the sun!” Or “Sim Salabi! Obey me, an arrow in the face “to meet her when you are even more strange circumstances: the robber pulled his pants at the guards, because”

Pfft! Guards without pants, count? Ha, ha, “At first, I want to twist a finger at his temple, but it is worth a closer look to find out girl, and immediately becomes clear – it only expresses itself a little more open than is customary. The eccentricity can surpass even Sir Jack of Mass Effect 2 .

In short, make new acquaintances in the “Inquisition” – a separate pleasure. I would like to especially note the achievements of translators: subtitles so accurately conveys the essence of the original, that one can only admire. Some jokes became even funnier in our adaptation: “Do you want to ask me? Come on. Loaded vralnik full “- Warrick.

Review of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Game Review - Image 3
Review of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Game Review - Image 4

Even homosexual characters (yes, the eternal stumbling block) is finally fed from the correct side. For example, Tevinter magician Dorian – a charismatic and devilishly charming character. He skillfully jokes, shares many interesting facts about the Empire, where he was born, and in the battle does not become a burden. About a non-standard orientation and Dorian did, you can forget (even if you horror as intolerant of homosexuals) – in a romantic relationship are fastened only at the initiative of the Inquisitor.

On the other hand, it is strange that in this way behave in general all: until the player begins to demonstrate the incredible skill of a pickup in the dialog (choose the replica with the “heart”), no one will think to make the first move.

The question is, is it not possible simply to someone like the fact that you are so cool at these shining armor, and even with a large sword at the ready? Show mercy where any other would have done not honor! Apparently not. But BioWare still issues trophy “Adopt a romantic relationship” after the sex scenes – in contrast to the seriousness with which the theme is applied, it looks ridiculous.