Dovakin Gamepassovich: Microsoft is against giving names to children in honor of the Game Pass subscription

History is full of cases when parents give their children the names of idols, but would name the child after, for example, a subscription Xbox Game Pass?

During a live broadcast at Gamescom 2022 on Friday, the Head of Marketing Xbox Aaron Greenberg warned users who might come up with such a strange idea.

“And I also ask that no one name their child Game Pass,” Greenberg said.

In fact, Greenberg’s comment did not appear out of nowhere. Before that, another guest of the stream, Pete Hines from Bethesda, shared the story of a pregnant woman who had contractions right during a presentation Skyrim at QuakeCon in 2011. One of the interviewers joked that the family could call their child Dovahkiin.

In particular, this did not happen in that case, but according to Hines ten years ago, one child born on the day Skyrim was released (11/11/11) was actually given the name Dovahkiin, in honor of which Bethesda fulfilled its promise to provide the baby’s family with free games of the company for life.

However, as noted, in Germany, it will most likely not work to call a child a Gamepass, since the country has a law according to which state bodies have the right and are obliged to protect the child from the “irresponsible” choice of a name by the parents.

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