“Double Fine hit the bull’s eye”: Psychonauts 2 received high marks, critics happy

Reviews began to appear on the network Psychonauts 2… Sequel to the cult platformer Double Fine Productions for the most part has received praise from critics and collects high marks. The average rating of new items is now 88/100 on OpenCritic and 87/100 on Matacritic

ZTGD: “The creators of Psychonauts 2 showed a real master class in design, and in such a way that some of the levels will be easily remembered for another 16 years. It’s a pity that Tim Schaefer and his team took so long to get the opportunity to make a sequel, but expectations are really were worth it. “

Hardcore gamer: “Psychonauts 2 is one of the most enjoyable games this year and one of the best modern platformers in recent years. The creativity in visuals and level design still comes out to its fullest, the story is great and not afraid to touch on adult themes, and the difficulty is perfectly balanced between fascination and tension. “

TheSixthAxis: “Appearing a decade and a half after the original, Psychonauts 2 is a worthy successor to the cult classic Double Fine. The platform and combat gameplay has become even cooler, the design of the world is more diverse and inventive than ever, and the story, although full of unexpected twists and comedic moments, is everyone breathes with sincerity and works great for empathy. Simply put, expectations were justified. “

Windows Central“Psychonauts 2 is a great love letter to fans of the original Psychonauts and 3D platformers. If you’re in the mood for a game that offers a lot of fun, thought-provoking storytelling, stunning visuals and addictive gameplay, look no further than Psychonauts 2.”

Gameblog.frPsychonauts 2 is another great installment in the series. The game may seem a little rustic and not very difficult, but it has a lot of opportunities to explore and motivates to explore every corner thanks to incredible art direction, brilliant characters and history. One of the most upbeat games of 2022. ” …

VGC: “It’s always risky to create a sequel to a cult classic many years after the original, but in the case of Psychonauts 2, the Double Fine team not only made a game that respects the original and lifts its characters to new heights, but also mapped itself and Microsoft a franchise that could flourish for years. “

Metro GameCentral“A great sequel, as surreal and flamboyant as the original, which manages to be both a silly comedic platformer and a surprisingly touching character picture of regret and lost love.”

Press-Start: “Psychonauts 2 combines classic platforming, captivating storyline and well-done action into a package reminiscent of the best platformers of decades past. Even cooler is that it does it all with a visual flair unmatched by contemporaries of the genre. Design perhaps for the most part. remained the same, but given the uniqueness of the game, it can hardly be called a minus. “

GameInformer“Psychonauts 2 was worth all the expectations and turned out better than the original. It picks up momentum quickly and never loses momentum.”

PCGamesNRare sequel that’s better than the original in every meaningful way. It’s packed to the brim with beautiful worlds and amazing interactivity, and the flamboyant cast of characters is equally fun, compelling and sympathetic. Double Fine rarely lacks a goal, but this time it hit the bull’s-eye. “

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