Don Starve authors release Griftlands early access June 15th – review

Studio Kleiknown for the series Don’t starve, in 2017 announced its new project, a card role-playing game Griftlands. But only now, the developers have announced that the game is in early access.
You can get acquainted with Griftlands as in Steamso in Epic Games Store from June 15th. At the same time, at first it will be sold at a discount of 15%. The creators warn that the release is going to raise the price.

Griftlands is a dystopic fantasy bagel in which we make our way through battles and negotiations. And in both cases, we use cards from the deck, which we collect during the adventures.

The game was in alpha testing at the Epic Games Store for a year. Those who bought it then will receive the Steam version for free. A full release was once planned for the fall of 2023, but these plans may change.

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