Don-Ay Adorable Runners; tried the first, real ‘donation game’

Dog or cat?
A project by a young Bergamasco team responding to the name Affinity Project seems to intend to bring the genus to a higher level, thanks to a really interesting incipit. Let’s start by saying that  Don-Ay is the first, true “donation game” capable of combining charity with video games. Developed entirely by a newborn development team in Made in Italy, the game (or better to talk about application) has the primary purpose of economically supporting an international animal protection association.
To do this, you will be encouraged to play various leisure activities – and not only – with your favorite puppy, playing with him or purchasing apps inside the app, so that part of the spending in support of one of the most important international NGOs animal protection. Don-Ay will be fed, pampered and cared for, just as it was a virtual puppy. And if your app’s current market is overwhelmed with such products,
This is because if the overwhelming majority of themes or themes end up being bored after a handful of matches, especially the smaller ones, because of a non-indifferent background repetition, the idea of ​​”doing good” whenever we’ll take care of  Don-Ay will encourage anyone to take advantage of the application knowing they are doing the right thing not only conceptually, but also and above all practical, thanks to the principle behind the definition of “donation game”, just above. In a nutshell, e
verything revolves around the care of an apartment animal by combining the charity with the game, with a real cash offer for each session played, directed to an Onlus that will take care of troubled animals. Certainly, something quite original that has no competitors in today’s securities market on their respective iOS and Android store stores.
Don-Ay Adorable Runners;  tried the first, real 'donation game'
Solidarity is not a game
As mentioned a few lines above, the main goal of  Don-Ay will be to make our virtual puppy never miss an ideal physical form, so that it can release all its extraordinary powers in the world of dreams. Yes, because when our pet rest, the game will catapult us into a true re
alm of dreams, within which we can challenge our friends in a kind of endless run mode full of obstacles to overcome. Of course, the unusual difficulty level and some background repetition do not allow this so-called “dream mode” to stand out on everything else, but it’s just as true that the watercolor backgrounds and the precision in the touch screen are definitely well calibrated , will make a variant at least interesting to the whole range of care options and ‘ .
However, as mentioned above, it is the innovative mechanism of donation (which is inspired by the same title as the product, which indicates the union between the words of Don-ation pl-Ay), which allows you to contribute with a cash offer at each gaming session. All this is clearly due to the revenue from advertising and any in-app purchases. It is important to cite the feedbac
k system inside the game, which constantly monitors the amount of donation achieved, with the opportunity to share everything on its social channels, thus creating a real active community. Not to mention that the idea behind the game comes from a real act of love to a flesh and bone animal – that is, the little Penguin dog named Pegi, the inspiration of the project – what this make
s the application Affinity Project is an apology for a new kind of play that could safely become the norm in the coming years. Our wish is that the ideas and resources invested in the project come back soon in the form of real funding, so that all those who have collaborated in the realization of this original project can benefit from it. In addition to our four-legged friends, of course.